Hua Jai Lud Fah

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  1. 222

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    Can someone please post the summary here? thanks!
  2. sarN

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    can i get a picture of dis lakron ?
  3. yajvaj

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    well i just started watching the lakorn yesterday night so i don't know how it ends yet but here's a sumamry

    Film is a famous korean actor and Donut is a ordinary thai girl, her friend is a BIG fan of Film and she won 2 tickets to go see him in Korea, Donut on te other hand have no clue how he look like she only heard his name. when they got to Korean Donut's friedns and Donut got sepearated because they were in a rush to catch their train and they left without her...then she wanted to go to a famous temple to go pray and her purse was taken by a bad guy and just in time Film came and helped her she then followed him because she didn't know her way around Korea it was time for her to leave Korea and they exchanged email...later on Donut got herself a job at this one place where they make movies and she was at the airport cause she got to send these packages and she had some trouble and Film again came in time to help her, Film was in Thailand to find his dad because his mom is sick because of his dad promise to come back for Film and his mom but her never Donut promised him that she'll help him look for his dad...then one day at her work place they were making this one movie where they wanted Film to be the main guy ad thats when Donut found out that he is the Famous Korean actor name Kim-Jeon-seok, she didn't talk to him at all for a couple of days..

    well this is where i left off sorry im not that gerat with summaries...
  4. 222

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  5. yajvaj

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    no problem 222...and i try my best looking for a picture but i couldn't find any picture better than this one hope this helps you sarn!


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