Save World Save Life
looks pretty good lakorn to watch but i don't really like mos as p'eak now don't know but i like aom p shes so pretty and a good actress i might watch part 1 to see how it is


okay.. i will start a summary for hua jai chocolate.. anyone who wants to add or edit anything please do so... thanx....

episode one:

it starts out at a park... aom and mos are sitting on a bench, unfortunately not on the same bench. they sit a few feet away from each other.. aom opens a box of chocolate and tastes one of them. she starts to talk (if i remember correctly) she talks about love and how it relates to chocolate. she said that people eat a chocolate not knowing if it's really sweet or bitter just like love... a minute later.. they both get up and walk past each other.

mos gets home and calls his girlfriend may. mos tells her that they were gonna have dinner at his house cause he was too lazy to go out. she tells him that she is meeting her father later for something but in reality she has a date with her boyfriend who is a singer. he gets upset and tells her that she was the one who yelled at him for not being a romantic boyfriend and stuff.. that was why he bought her flowers and a present for this valentines day.. but she said that she couldn't meet him today. after she hangs up with mos she goes out to the front of her house and meets her boyfriend, whom she asked to spend the whole night with her.

aom works at a restaurant as a receptionist with jamie. along with another guy friend who works as a chef in the kitchen. aom seems to love and is very good at her job. after work aom invites her friends to her house to celebrate valentines day. she told jamie that her boyfriend would be stuck to the tv since soccer is on.

at the house aom cleans and sets up for the party with her friends. when her boyfriend arrives he just runs in and turns the tv on. he askes jamie to put the snacks he brought in a plate. jamie look at him in surprise. aom sees this and grabs the bags and goes to put it in a plate. aom's boyfriend just sits and eats peanuts and drink beer while watching soccer... putting the peanut shells on the table.. jamie seems really bothered by him.

mos is at home. he is really lonely. his mother died when he was younger. his dad is a traveling bussinesmen.. the only friend he has is his nanny. she comes in to tell him that his dad is back in thailand but is really busy so he is going to stay at the hotel instead of come home. she tells him that he called to schedule a time for mos to go have lunch with him. mos seems bothered by this. he talks to the nanny and have her sing him a song as he layed his head on her lap and cries.

the restaurant that mos and his father is meeting at is where aom works. she is notified of the VIP guest and she goes to welcome mos to his table. mos complains that the table was dirty and doesnt' want to sit there. aom smiles and looks around. she picks up a strand of hair or something and asked 'is this it?' he nods. than walks over to another table. he told her he would sit at that table. she smiles and gives him the menu.

he orders his food with much care.. asking to not use this and that... aom smiles and takes the order. the soup he gets is too much black pepper, so aom smiles and changes it for him, telling the waitress to tell the chef to lower the amount of black pepper. than his fish's steak was marinated in too much butter. so she sends it back to get it fixed. she is still smiling. a few minutes later his father arrives. aom greets him with a smile also and seats him at the table. he tells her that he is not going to order. she goes tot he back of the restaurant.

mos and his father isn't really friendly to each other. saying things that will piss each other off. mos's father demands mos to go take a course in switzerland for 6 months so he can take over a hotel that has just been purchased. mos tells his father he doesn't like that kind of business.. his father gets mad and asked what he didn't like about it... mos demonstrates.. he calls aom over to the table. he told her to sit next to him. aom hesitates but mos reminded her that she said the most important thing is the customer's satisfaction. so aom sits down next to him. mos starts with putting his arm around her and than pulls her close. aom is very uncomfortable at this moment. he starts to caress her face and gets closer to her. aom breaks free and runs to the back saying she will get him more ice or something. mos's father is angry with mos's action. mos tells him that this is why he can't serve other people.. his attitude is not gonna allow him to let others be more important as him. his father gets angry.

aom runs to the kitchen and jamie asked her why she went to sit with the customer.. jamie tells their other friend about it and he gets mad. he was going to go out to yell at them but aom said it wasn't worth it. after work.. mos is waiting in his car by the employee entrance/exit. he sees aom and was going to go see her but jamie and her other friend runs after her. she tells them that she is fine. than gets into a taxi to go home. mos follows her. he pulls in front of the taxi and gets out.. the driver comes out to yell at mos.. but mos hands him a few bills and shuts him up... he goes over to the passenger door and opens it.. aom is hunched halfway down on the seat. she scrambles through her purse to pull out a cellphone and points it at him. he was like 'who do you want me to call?' she realizes it was a cellphone and goes back through her purse and gets out a device (? to shock someone?) mos takes it and he comments that it was out of battery. he told her that he didn't mean to insult her earlier in the restaurant. and hands her some money.. aom takes it and follows him. she was like.. are you trying to apologize? and he said no.. aom told him what he was doing is apologizing... they go and sit at a bench and talk. aom kinda tells him about how life is never what you expect it to be and stuff... she told him that she over heard him and his dad talking about stuff... since they weren't exactly quiet at the restaurant.. and she tells him about her life, and how her two best friends are going to switzerland to continue their education and she was gonna quit work and get married and be a house wife. she showed him her ring and said that a ring is different to every person.. if a person wants to wear a ring that ring represents care, caring for the person whom they loved. but if a person who doesn't want to wears that ring.. it is a ring of worries.. she than excuses herself and leaves.

aom is at her house and she is having another get together with her friends and her boyfriend. aom is in the kitchen squeezing lime to make some drinks when she gets some in her eyes.. her guy friend helps her to wipe her eye. jamie is in the bathroom. unfortunatel aom's boyfriend storms in and punches aom's friend claiming that he was doing something inappropriate to aom. aom tries to explain but he doesn't listen. jamie comes out and starts to yell at aom's boyfriend, and he yells at aom and tells her that he told her not to hang out with these friends anymore. aom's boyfriend told her to choose who it was going to be, him or her friends. jamie was upset and fed up herself. she told aom to choose. aom is unable to choose, but when her boyfriend tries to walk out. she begs him to stay.. jamie and the guy friend leaves seeing that aom picked her boyfriend. but aom asked her boyfriend to stay put while she go talk to her friends. she goes out and said sorry and she begged them to understand her. jamie is upset and yells at aom for not even telling her boyfriend to apologize to their friend for punching him. the guy friend is not upset. he instead reminded aom of a poem they read when they were in school and told jamie to understand aom. jamie forgives aom but she said that it wasn't going to work out well since aom was going to marry that asshole.

episode 2:

may is at home bored. she calls her singer boyfriend but he is in the studio recording so he doesn't pick up. so she calls mos, but mos is talking to their family lawyer(?) so he doesn't answer. unfortunately mos's father had given mos an order. either he go to switzerland to take the 6 month course or mos's name will be taken out from all the company and he will not get a monthly allowance. mos is mad. the lawyer told him that after the 6 months course, if mos still doesn't want to work in a hotel than his father won't ever bother him again. so mos agrees. may gets mad and sends text messages to both the singer and mos saying that her car died on the high way and she was scared. mos goes back to his room and sees the message.. he gets in his car and goes out to find her. he can't find her and calls her, she doesn't pick up. she sends him another message that her car was towed to a gas station.. he goes to the gas station, but doesn't see her. he gets another message saying she was at the police station, he went to the police station but she isn't there. finally he gets another text message saying she didn't go anywhere and she sick at home the whole time. mos goes to her house mad. he yells at her that just because she is rich and pretty she shouldn't do that. she told him that he deserved it for forgetting about her and leaving her to be bored alone. he tells her that the only reason he puts up with her attitude is because they are both problem kids.. both of their parents don't care about them. that is why he cared for her. still she was upset. mos left without much understanding from may.

later may's singer boyfriend comes over. she acted like she was mad at him but when he told her that he was busy writing a song for her she was happy. mos went home and talked to his nanny. he was telling her that may and him have been fighting almost everyday for the last month. so he saw the pop tabs in the table and remembered aom's words about the ring. and he said to himself that maybe it was finally time to get married.

at work aom's boyfriend came to apologize to her for being an ass to her friends the other day. and gave her a rose. aom is really happy. he told her that he wanted to eat the spagetti that aom made. so she told him to wait and she would go get changed to go home. but he said he had some work to do and said maybe next time. after work aom was shopping when jamie called her to go see a movie.. but aom saw the spagetti package and told her friend that she had plans. aom bought the spagetti stuff and went to her boyfriend's apartment. when she was getting the stuff out of the bag a woman walked out of the bathroom in a towel. aom stood frozen. the woman started to yell and asked who aom was and how she got in. aom's boyfriend came out of the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. aom started to cry and ran out of the room. he followed her. at the elevator he told her that the girl was his old friend.. and they had a few drinks and things got out of hand. aom questioned his actions versus her actions with her friend. how he got all upset about her friend just wiping her eye and he did this. he said it was different.. he was a man stuff.. aom was like both man and woman have a heart. he doesn't want her to cheat on him because he doesn't want to get hurt. and in return she doesn't want him to cheat on her because she didn't want to get hurt. he said that aom didn't understand him. so aom ran off. jamie comes to see her as she eats chocolate. jamie seeing that aom was in a bad situation calls her friend at work and said she was gonna take the day off to be with aom.

at the restaurant, there is a VIP table reserved for mos and may. mos is planning to propose to may. he asked the staff to put the ring in the chocolate cake dessert. aom and jamie's friend who is the chef puts the ring in the heart shaped chocolate cake and tells the waitress to take it out with much care, it was the only cake they had. the waitress trips and the cake went flying, aom's friend flies into the air and catches the cake. the waitress thanks him for saving the cake. unfortunately he broke his arm! the cake is brought out to the table. may asked what this was, since mos was allergic to chocolate, why was there a chocolate cake. mos said he ordered it for a special occasion and no other cake would fit the occasion but a chocolate cake. may said she was on a diet and didn't want to eat it. but mos asked her to take just a bit. all of a sudden may sees her singer boyfriend coming in and sitting at a table near by. she told mos she wanted to leave. but mos told her to take just a bite.. may did so in a hurry. mos was surprised that may didn't see the ring. when may stormed out of the restaurant mos went through the cake and didn't find the ring.. he ran after may and told her to open her mouth. she asked what his problem was. so mos told her that he was planning to propose to her and had put a ring in the cake. if the ring was not in the cake at the table and not in her mouth than it was... he pointed to her stomach! they rushed to the hospital.

at the hospital may yelled at mos. she asked why he didn't consult her before doing this. and that she never had any thought of marrying him. mos is shocked with her answer. he stands behind as may is rolled away. in the background aom and jamie are looking for their friend. they go to the receptionist and get directed to their friend's room. they are told that his arm is broken, so he can't go to switzerland. mos and may sit in the doctor's room as the doctor told them there was nothing serious. he hands may some medicine for her to get the medicine out with a bedside pan. may is mad at mos.. at the airport mos is sad and upset, but he hugs may and his nanny and leaves for switzerland.

aom and jamie are on their way out to see their friend at the hospital, but aom's boyfriend shows up and starts to scream for aom. aom hides and jamie yells at him. finally they get to the hospital and jamie asked aom to reconsider going to switzerland to escape her boyfriend. aom said she couldn't.

in switzerland mos is talking to one of the thai counselor(?) and she is showing him around the place. she introduces mos to two other thai students, petch and kai. petch is a son of a businessman in thailand. kai is from a poor family but he is very cheerful all the time. the counselor left to let them to get to know each other. petch and kai tries to greet mos, but mos just ignores them and walks away.