How do you express your feelings


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--There are days where I feel that I may give up, but then I remember from day 1 why I decided to continue walking through it then I realized the reason I stay is not because I want to, but because I need you. I stay because I can't imagine sitting on the front porch without you.


shouting when im alone... that's means i wanna go suicide but i even do it...

if im sad and felt like i wanna cry... i'll just write, like a diary...

if im inspired, i sing... dance... joke around or sometimes it gives me some ideas to write a story.


I don't realize it at times, but I usually express my feelings through my facial expression. It's a very bad habit that I can't seem to stop. My expression sucks at the worst time possible... :p
It is a bad habit. When I get mad/angry I make the scariest eyes ever. My parent, siblings and relatives say it is freaky. I don't think so... ahahaha my mom says I am the devil when all hell breaks loose.


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Oh dear pillow if only this morning you could seduce me as you do every tiring night. I want so much to lay my head down, close my eyes, and then fall into your enchanting world, but this morning sun keeps me awake. The burden of knowing I must stay awake to complete this horrendous task called homework is weighing heavily on my bare back!


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...standing without shadow holding the light for lost soul finding my way home, i look not into the darkness, i take breath from the air you breath, rising daylight finds you with less tears, casting no shadow feeling the darkness you step from lifting myself with every breath you take knowing that i live one more day closer to home...

islu... :) :) :) :) :)

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I'm weird, I can't hide my emotions at all. When I'm angry or sad people see it. It's really difficult, sometimes I just laugh it off or cry. I cry a lot to express my feelings


I do a lot of things. I love to sing, read, cry, listen to music, write songs and stories and Poems, scream and speak run-on sentences about how i feel, then after that, I feel way better. In fact all the things I do i get inspiration from my feelings.


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I usually write to express my feelings. Technology-wise, I use Tumblr and Twitter. I write poems, rants, random thoughts. When I feel sad or angry I turn poker face and try to stop my tears from falling. I prefer crying when I'm alone or with a friend that I trust.