Hor Heu Heu


sarNie Adult
this lakorn is being based off of the movie hor heu heu aka Haunting Me. the movie was kinda funny. i dont kno how theyre gonna make a lakorn out of it tho...


Staff member
i decided to start on this lakorn after the long wait and also because im also on a hiatus with other lakorns lol..

didn't expect it to be this super cheesy ahaha.. but i have to say that dang!! nat looks so good! ahaha <3 and i find ae's clutsy character so adorable.. but it's a pity that her talent is just put into these kind of roles, i agree w/ the others, i really want to see her prime-time again T_T.. or at least get them better roles.. what a pity.. but her and nott are so freaken adorable!! ahaha..