Hmoob Looj Ceeb Conference Call

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by yingerbug, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Hmoob Looj Ceeb

    Just curious if anyone has any information about this phone confrence line... I remember my mom kept listening to this on her cellphone but she somehow misplaced all the info... My mom was telling us that it is a confrence call that connects hmong people from all around the world like laos, thailand, usa and etc.. They are on 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.., They talk about various topics including, dating, hmong culture, folklore, kwv txhiaj and etc... Does anyone have any info at all... I remember the phone starting with (718)... haha...
    Thanks in advance!
  2. zienan09

    zienan09 sarNie Hatchling

    my mom listens to a hmong call thing..umm..iono if this is the one or not..but if u want, i could get the phone number..she's always on it everyday. i kno that when she calls, she has to enter some numbers in and then an automated voice tells her that this many callers are on the line. is this the same one ur talking about? lol..sorries..thats all i can help u with..but holla if u need the number, i'll get it to u asap.
  3. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Yes I believe this is correct... You enter a phone number and then some press either # or * and a number to exit, mute, talk and etc.... Please could you get me the info... Does ur mom listen to a certain time on it as well... Thanks!
  4. eMAewhY

    eMAewhY sarNie Hatchling

    Ying! can't believe i'm replying to ur post! lol. i know this was like almost a year ago, but just wanted to share too.. i've just started listening and they have some cool stuff.

    here's the number that i have 510-423-9135; 922791#
  5. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    Haha... Your funnie... I used to lisn it with my mom... Thanks for the number May... =)
  6. eMAewhY

    eMAewhY sarNie Hatchling

    LOL. we live in the same state and here I am writing to you on here. lol. you're welcome!
  7. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    well, my dad does that too but only on weekends
    because you know they charge for minutes n stuff.

    but his calls are to the station in MN.
  8. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    isnt tht the hmong phone radio thing???? omg! i heard they talk so much sh*t on there!!! haha!
  9. Napat01

    Napat01 sarNie Juvenile

    Lol. I listen to this radio too but only from Thursday to Saturday nights from 11 to when I fall asleep. They have some interesting stories to tell. I learned a lot from listening to this station.
  10. nkaujhmoob08

    nkaujhmoob08 sarNie Adult

    People may think it is fun but honestly, it's a bad habit. Once you start, you can never quit. Please open your eyes and wake up people. Especially those indeed of looking for mate. Anything besides that is all good.
  11. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    haha yup they do talk hella sh*t on there. My dad listens to it everyday.
    I have no choice but to listen to it too while I'm cooking or on the computer. haha

    this one time, these guy's attacked the radio host. I feel so sorry for her.
    people are so rude! if you think people are rude in forums, go listen
    to the hmong radio. they are 10X'S! yet they preach for everyone to love each other.
    my butt. haha
  12. nkaujhmoob08

    nkaujhmoob08 sarNie Adult

    Lols! I'm cracking..
  13. visa

    visa sarNie Egg

    I cannot help but tell you guys that those of you that have AT$T wireless can add the conference calls(there are more lines out there) number onto your A-list. A-list is something offer by AT$T where you can list up to 10 phone numbers that are not AT&T carrier. eg: house phone, other wireless carriers, Looj Ceeb Conference Call. All you have to do is call AT$T to activate the feature and then go online and add your numbers. The A-list feature is free but just make sure you input the phone number correctly. I added those numbers on two months ago and my family been listening to those boring calls. To test it out, you should just add your home phone or a number you normally call and then go check to see if your anytime minutes increase.
  14. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    You should listen to it! if you think it's funny. Really, it's hilarious and embarrassing! because the ogs attacks each other on the radio just because one doesn't agree with the other one.stupidity, i call it.

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