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Hi everybody i'm New Here...Just want to say my name is Ariya...u can call me ya....uum i'm 19 years old...nnn um das bout it lolol

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When I waz 16 yrs old


Sticky Rice
kevin... stalking this pretty girl already..? lmao xD

anyway welcome to sworld you are very pretty =) wanna be my gf?? lol


sarNie Elites
Hey isnt it better looking younger than older... No! Not like me people said i'm 50 but i'm only 21.. LOL Think i work too much!! haha!
Anyhow welcome at this crazy place and enjoy the stay!!!! ;)
And who i am...
<------It's write here :p


Sticky Rice
^ nuh uuuh Penny i knew from teh first moment...we were meant to be...keving needs to back off...from her AND you haha xD


Sticky Rice
you can have her, i need to find myself a bf and stop being a loser O_O
noo you are mine already wat i was saying that kevin needs to back off Nhoona and you Penny...you should've heard what he was saying about you in the chat :ph34r:


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hi hi!! Welcome to Sworld. Hope your meeting good people. Anyways...would you be interested in being a part of marduk's groupie? ^^