Help with translation of Dang Duang Haruthai

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by preawXXsornram, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. preawXXsornram

    preawXXsornram sarNie Fansubber

    I'm currently doing subs and I'm planning on doing subs for Dang Duang Haruthai (Weir&Kwan, New&Rodmay) but my thai isnt that good. I dont know "RACHASUB"<--words used when speaking to royalties....

    I use Video editting workshop to do subs, so you can just translate it on mic words and email me or something

    anyone interested in helping me? If so, PM me!! ;)
  2. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    this lakorn is gonna be hard to sub.
  3. preawXXsornram

    preawXXsornram sarNie Fansubber

    LOL. yeah. i have to watch with my mom...cos i have to ask her once in a while what's the meaning of this word, that word...

    but there's lots of thai people on this forum right? ;)
  4. fun

    fun YGfamily

    I had a hard time watching this lakorn because of the way they spoke. I am not use to it at all. Sure, I don't understand much Thai, but at least I was able to understand some dialouge but this one is pretty difficult.
  5. aychenneres

    aychenneres sarNie Hatchling

    wow, i give you props for attempting this project. historical/royalty lakorns are the most difficult to translate since there isn't an english equivalent to most of the words -- except maybe in british-english.

    as for "rachasap," it means "royal vocabulary or court language. " it's just a language one has to use when speaking to royalty to show deference/respect for their exalted status.

    well, good luck on the project.

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