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Discussion in 'Chinese' started by ashley25, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,
     I don't really remember the story line but I'm trying to look for a movie that came out probably in the 90s. Its about how the actor is a realtor and also is trying to look for his wife or gf who ran away from home at the same time.  His boss tells him to check up on a house that they say is haunted.  So he and his friends decides to take a look . He keeps seeing an old lady burning paper money every time he comes by the house. He also have like this crystal ball that he got from the house I believe.  As time pass, he runs into the actress which he didn't know she died from falling off a building  until later in the movie. She asks him to help find her sister.  At the end the girl got reincarnated and he meets the girl again while she was playing tennis. Sorry if it doesn't make sense but this is the best I can remember about that movie. If anyone has any idea what it's call, please kindly let me know. Thank You! 
  2. ashley25

    ashley25 sarNie Egg

    Hi guys! I been trying to find this movie for the longest!! Anyways I do know now that the male lead is alex fong Chung sun! Please help!!
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