help me point out the wedding lakorns


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but the lakorn is alright - i don't know why but i can never like JOHN NUVO .. *sighed* that one with Kob is good -- but i prefer Oh and the officer's story .. they are cute <3


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I know there is a post on this, but that post didn't help me at all.
Is their anyway i can download videos from I really wanna know how to do this...


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I remember when I was a little kid like 2 to 3 years old, I have watch a Thai lakorn or movie (can't remember) that I really like it.
I can't remember who was the n'ek and p'ek and what year did the lakorn come out.
But I remember that this lakorn is about a alien spaceship who bring the evil humans to a small village in Thailand.
On the beginning, there was a lady who had a sleep dream that someone will sent an alien spaceship down to earth
and whoever (women) stay outside in that night will have babies without sleep with their husbands or boyfriends.
That lady wake up and she was so scary. She tell someone (don't remember who she tells) about her dream​
and who someone do not believe her. On that night which was a special night for the people in the village, they​
celebrity and drink alcohols. Everyone were so lazy and all went to sleep.​
That woman believed in her dream and she knew that the spaceship will come.​
She went out of the village and in that movement she saw a spaceship come with the bright light cover the village.​
A few days later, every women in that village was pregnant except that woman (who has a dream about the alien spaceship).​
All the babies were born and grow up into adult. They all just look like the people in the village (human). Some are guys and some are ladies.​
P'ek and n'ek were also from the alien spaceship but they are the nice one.​
Everyone were so immoral and that they all killed their parents except P'ek and n'ek (don't remember their name).​
All these kids were so powerful like hero and they try to destroy the village after they killed their parents.​
P'ek and n'ek try to stop them but I can't remember did the two of them stop the immoral kids or not.​
I don't remember what happen at the end of this lakorn.​

I forget this lakorn name and whoever know what is the title of this lakorn then please write it in here.​
I really want to watch it again.​


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This is a Thai movie or lakorn? Lol! I've never heard of it but it sounds pretty interesting.


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This is a Thai movie or lakorn? Lol! I've never heard of it but it sounds pretty interesting.
I don't really remember it is a movie or a lakorn but I believe it is a lakorn.
This lakorn come out so long ago so you might not have watch it.
I remember the p'ek in this lakorn look kinda like girl and he is pretty handsome.


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Hey I just find this lakorn on youtube.
If you want to watch it then go it on youtube.
Oh cool, thanks! No, I haven't seen it but I know some of the actors and actresses. The guy in the beginning is Aof Pongpat and the girl in the beginning is Ning Kullastree.


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Did you guys try downloadhelper? but it can only be use in Mozila firefox... it can download most of video on internet but i rarely used it since I change to chrome now...Don't know if it work..


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Title is Gawao Tee Bang Pleng. And I'm pretty sure it's a rip off of the movie Village of the Damned.


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Lately i've been having this crave of watching lakorns that remind me of my younger days.I was so much in love with Koogum 2004. does anyone have any link where i can watch it??