help me point out the wedding lakorns


I think the one up there is sung by Noon Worunuch.

There's also one sung by Tangmo P.

and i forgot who sings the guy version of the one above.


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I haven't ordered a Thai magazine since 2006. I think the last one I ordered was Stefan&Namfon's "Field of Romance" from In Magazine. I remembered I payed less then 10 bucks for the magazine. I really want the Dec. issue of Preaw magazine featuring Thailand's 2 leading man, Ken Theeradej and Tik Jessaporn, but I have absolutely no idea where to get it from. And I cannot recall where I use to order my magazines from. I had Cece help me out and now ethai is carrying it but its a whopping $39 bucks for a single magazine. That's outrageous!! If anyone can help me out I would reallie appreciate it.


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ur out of luck. aside from ethaicd and this other site where the girl (forgot it's name and i always assume it's a girl) sells older mags for cheaper, i don't know of any other. the best other way is to get a rich pen pal from thailand :D


I ordered from this place LONG LONG ago so I don't know the prices but if you're willing to pay, they're willing to ship



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Oh gosh. It's so much harder to pinpoint when I don't know who the main characters are but back then I wasn't really a lakorn fanatic. Lol. Bumping this thread for further info.


Are you talking about him being gay? Oh trust me he isn't. He's married with kids haha.
haha. I meant if he cheats, but i know he's married with kids already. LOL.

Anyways I need help with a lakorn. I know for sure that the Pra'ek is Oil Thana. Well it's about him and his dad leaving the mom to live in the country because they couldn't take her anymore. Also the dad has a wife in the country as well. I'm not sure if the nang'ek was the one who gets forced to do what the mom wants her to do or was it Pra'ek's sister because she stayed with the mom when everyone else left. Then pra'ek and nang'ek meet in the country. I think that's what happened, but i'm not so sure since it's been a long time since i have watched it.


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I have been absent from lakorn watching for the past 2 years and was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit.
I love watching marriage lakorns e.g. fake marriage, real marriage, arranged marriage (between the main characters). I also enjoy lakorns where the main characters are going out/ dating/ admitted they are in love during the lakorn.
If you guys could list some good ones like that i would really appreciate it


Well, I have a few new and old:

Oum Ruk (Ken T. & Anne T.)
365 Wan Hang Ruk (Ken T. & Anne T.)
Majurat See Nampueng (Ken T. & Namtarn P.)


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Khun Samee Kammalor Teerak (Rome & Chompoo)
Raeng Pradtana (Nadech & Kim)
Pin Anong (Weir & Min)
lol a lot lot lot of fake marriage lakorns. :p


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- Samee [Pol Tuntasatien - Joy Siriluk]
- Samee Nguen Pon [Pol Tuntasatien - Joy Siriluk]
- Koo Kum [Bie Sukrit - Noona Nuengtida]
- Ruk Nai Marn Mek [Tlen Tanapol - Min Pechaya]
- Nang Sao Jum Lang Ruk [Weir Sukollawat - Pang Ornjira]
- Nang Fah Kub Mafia [Weir Sukollawat - Pancake Khemanit]
- Ruk Lork Lork Yah Bork Kai [Joe Nuvo - Nussaba]