Harb Kong Mae(Master One)


sarNie Coma
yay, donut and joon!..glad to see both in more lakorns. they look cute together

Sc of the opening. credit to joe @ tv3



sarNie Oldmaid
kewl.. :) joon is kute.. donut is pretty.. wat a matching couple.. however, i don't reallie like joon's voice.. his voice is a bit soft for a man.. lol.. oh well.. hehe


Natty's #1 FAN!
oh...love those dimples and Donut....oh i can't wait for this one....i'm glad to see Donut back on the screen!!!


sarNie Juvenile
wow!!! namfon is playing the mom role!!!!! i think she's still young looking to play the mom???? it so hard to pic it but i cant wait for this to come out. Joon is pretty cute and i do like Donut.


sarNie Adult
I think I'm going to skip this eventhough I like Donut. She's very good at actings....but I'm not sure if I like this guy. Who's he anyways? How he becomes a leading actor?


RujRasa Fan
omg i can't wait for this one. i'm hoping that after this one joon will be in another lakorn with ja in which they actually get together and not like the sawadee khun kroo where they don't get each other. anyone knows when this is coming out?


sarNie Juvenile
I think Namfon is to young to play as Joon's mother. Yes she is in 30's but she still looks young.