Gybzy-Wanida (From Girly Berry)


sarNie Elites
Some of the photos does not look like Gybzy...u guys can be the judge...but overall..she does have an amazing body.....



sarNie Egg
ok the girls not even half way through her twenties and i have seen her more times in her undies/bra/bikini thingy than with her clothes on..wat does she look like fully clothed :p


sarNie Juvenile
okay i really dont like the fact that I always see her in swimsuits or like skimpy outfits. can she sometimes do photoshoots with full clothings on?


sarNie OldFart
that's some hot pix of her..the one with the cap she looks like all she need to do is sing as good as her body


sarNie Hatchling
her body isnt all that nice. shes just skinny. thats it. i never see this girl fully clothes.. i wonder what does she wear to sleep?