Guy Ratchanon (Attitude April 2012)


sarNie Adult
OMFG! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! I'M SITTING HERE GIGGLING LIKE A LOVE SICK FOOL, WITH THIS HUG ASS SMILE ON MY FACE!!!!!! Now I don't want to be perverted or anything but that underwear is sexy on Guy! can't take my eyes off him hahahah. Wonder if there are any inside pictures to this Mag??? but gosh, i'm in heaven :DDDD


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
Omg guy so sexy.... I like guy with his new hair cut and his look hot with the new hair


sarNie Immature
This guy is real matured. I'm surprised that he actually is around my age lmao. By the way is that real tattoos?