[GMM25] O-Negative : Violette Wautier / Tor Thanapob / Kao Jirayu / Kao Supassara / Goy Arachaporn


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Oh yeah their career stared in hormones, that's where I fell in love with them too but in this series, I kinda wasn't feeling them. Maybe bc Tor's wishy washy character


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His character is very Frickle. I only watched the last 2 ep's....I hate when they "JUST" realize they love the person....but they did it pretty well that I was convince in the End that he did truly care for her, even love her.

I'm glad they didn't rush the character for Kao &prim, she's not memorable to me. I grew up watching the movie and it was nice to see how the other 2 end up after the drama. In the movie we just saw them "together". In the Movie it was less complicated of course. Prim didn't really show that she had a Crush on Gun. Gun wasn't messing around w/Kao S.

Kao S & Tor were in so many project together along w/March. He is one funny dude in those interview.

Kao&Tor Club friday (wasn't paired up), Swimmer Movie, Hormones and now O-Neg.

But both Kao are soo stinking adorable together, esp. in the Photos Shoot


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white dove - they were also my fav. esp. in the beginning. I diff. Fin them but Kao S. in general has really impress me.

So bad I was watching their interview and nobody want a girl like, "sprite". Her character isn't a horrible person and she grew as a person in season 2. Tor & March are always together. March is Hilarious as a person. I feel bad for Kao S. & Tor SO, it's hard seeing them always together and crazy Jin fan nowadays.
Sprite is one of my fav characters in Hormones, she's more real than most of the other girls.

Kao S. is with CH3 now. She'll have more chances to work with Tor (who's gonna be in Nadech/Yaya's new lakorn while she herself will be in Mark/Kimmy's new lakorn). Tor is not with CH3 as he remains a free agent.


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Nice...i think i heard an interview

Kao J wrks for 3 too

Is she in Kmon Feak? I saw her training


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Alex is adorable! I rem. Cee in that role...their coupling was cute but I didn't fully watch it


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Late to the game but saw this on netflix so I watched it...marathoned it in 3 days ofc I ffwd when Puen was being wishy washy because my heart couldn't handle him being so lame but overall the lakorn is very good and has deep meanings if you really pay attention. The friendship storyline is purely beautiful. I love how towards the end Foon was like screw Puen I want to work things out with Prim. I went back to watch the epsidoes I skipped in order to see the ending LOL. I still can't watch Puen and Prim scenes LOL but I love Puen and Foon. These two have great chemistry <3 good thing it ended that way otherwise I would of been flipping tables!!! haha.