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    If anyone interest in helping and join Jai Lao Foundation in their Humanitarian Mission to help these precious childrens please visit Jai Lao Foundation facebook page or their webpage at   You can also click on their "DONATE" link on the website to donate via their paypal. As little as $5.00 donation can make a huge difference in someone life. 
    PLEASE check out and read posts on their facebook page for their recent humanitarian trips Feb 17- 29, 2016
    Trip from 2 weeks ago #Coatsblanketsdrive
    Note: I have no associate with JLF other then wanting to help spread their words and good hearts to reaches out to as many peoples as possible that will be kind and fortunate enough to help out.
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    Just a reminder, you can also send your used or new children winter gears to:
    By Mail:
    Jai Lao Foundation
    PO Box 472
    San Ramon, CA  94583
    Please send before April 15, 2016.  Thank you.
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    Just want to update on all donation for the Children of Laos from Jai Lao Foundation. Thank you to everyone with such a beautiful hearts for sending all these wonderful gifts (clothes, money, etc.) to help those children that were in such a desperate need of basic shoes and warm clothes. :thumbup: :cheer:

    The JLF team finally make it to the first village and handling out the donations to all those beautiful and happy childrens. Please check out JLF facebook videos and pictures (more to come). The JLF team still need to travel up more mountains and hills to other villages to reach other children.

    Please check out their video


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