ghost of mae nak


sarNie Adult
does ne one have the subtitles to this, or can tell some info about it..cuz i have it but i dont really understand wats goin on...
well basically cee has recurring nightmares about some ghost woman who keeps calling his name. cee and mo get married and move into this house (the guy who sold them the house cheated them so he could get double money by promising and "selling" it to them and other couples too). once married, robbers break in and steal their wedding gifts. when cee sees the robbers selling their wedding gifts he chases them and gets into an accident and ends up in acoma. all the bad people start getting killed in gruesome ways (by nak, the ghost). mo has the necklace pendant that cee bought her and she feels that a presence follows her, so she goes to a fortune teller, who tells her that the pendant belongs to mae nak and is a piece of her skull. then the legend is told...mae nak and mak were a couple truly in love (they lived on the exact spot where cee and mo's house is), but mak was sent to war and nak died in childbirth. therefore, they were seperated. nak's ghost is drawn to cee and mo because they have the names mak and nak and their love is really strong and pure. (i also think that, even though it wasn't made clear in the movie, cee is mak reincarnated, which is why the ghost of nak follows him and wants him to herself again) mo tries to find nak's body to bury the piece of her skull, so that she'll be at peace again and to get cee out of acoma. finally, she succeeds in doing this, but it appears that, at the end, mae nak's ghost is still haunting them.

do you have the movie on DVD? if so, you can add english subtitles (go to the menu page).