Game Rai Game Ruk


I know I still have Will It Be to write. But it's been so long and without motivation for that storyline, I needed to start something new while I still have the motivation. So last month in the Neung Nai Suang Thread, the girls came up with a great idea of Jirassaya in a plot like GRGR, but this time with Yaya as the islander. This came to mind. Not everything will be the same as the original because this will be my own story. Hope you guys will enjoy. Will post first chapter in a few days. :)

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Saifon/Christine
James Jirayu Tangsrisuk as Tawan/Teywan Tangsrisuk
Naem Ronadech Wongsaroj  as Pranon (tawan's adopted older brother)
Michelle Berhmann as P'Mor Wichayanee=Pranon's fiance who is a doctor and is close friends with James as well.
Fair Gundon Akhazzan as Mann=Saifon's friend who is in love with her
Ploy Pattrakorn Tungsupakul as Joy Supakul=Tawan's friend who has a crush on him
Om Kanin Stanley as Yod Stanley= supposedly Pranon's friend
Noey Chotika Wongwilas as Macy Wongwilas-the thai american girl who came from america and was saved by Saifon.
Namnung Suttidachanai as Yasika=the woman who fell in love with James at first sight and does everything to get him for herself
Ron Pattharapon ToOun as Ton
Smile Soraya Thitawachira as Kaew


Mrs James Ma
Wow I liked the storyline. Yaya's name is like Naadech. Saifon and Christine :) The cast is also good :yes:


sarNie Adult
Kyaaaaaaaah! I'm soooooo excited for this. I've still yet to watch the Nadech x Yaya one. Although I would have wanted to see Naem/Naam x Noey,  :lol: but yeah, :secret: Don't mind me. hahaha. You know what, when I was reading it before in the NNS thread, I thought it was going to be like Ranma 1/2 where they would be like gender switching (as in a girl in a boy's body, and vice versa), I didn't get the part that the roles will be switched, as in the girl would be the islander and the boy would be the foreigner.   :lmao3: Sorry! It makes much more sense now. hahaha. Anyway, YEAH! I'm excited for this. Spreading the Jirassaya syndrome one patient at a time! 


Thanks to all you girls for commenting. I have thought of writing this since back on the NNS thread, like I said before. I really can't take all the credit, because those girls on NNS thread help come up with this idea.
Step said:
Wow I liked the storyline. Yaya's name is like Naadech. Saifon and Christine :) The cast is also good :yes:
Yes. I purposely made their names sound alike. Even James name that Yaya gives him "Teywan" means "angel or fairy" in thai. :)


Game Rai Game Ruk
Chapter 1:
The people of Deuan Island cheered as the men raced into the woods with their bow and arrows, ready for the hunt. In the front of that group stood Saifon, the only girl brave enough to enter the woods with te men, in pair of brown shorts and a green t-shirt. Her hair braided behind her back, her smile spread from ear to ear on her face. Not too far behind was her best friend, Mann, with a smile as big as hers as he was catching up. The guys were all wearing just shorts with no shirts on as they disappeared one at a time.
It was the annual harvesting for the people of Deuan Island. Each year they would have a race consisting of all the men on the island who are capable and any women who dare to. The rules are as follows. Whoever is the first person to get into the woods and bring back a hunt would be considered grown-up and be able to marry and be a special person in decision making. Every year Saifon would join for ever since her parents died, she had decided to learn how to hunt for herself. And it was every year that she had not accomplished the race, not even once. But turning 21, she had a feeling that there was something coming and it would be the change of her life.
It had been just 20 minutes when the people spotted someone running back from the woods with something in their hand. They quieted down in anticipation waiting to see who it was going to be. Coming closer and closer, until finally, Saifon jumped out of the woods throwing her hands up into the air, thinking she was going to win. Just as she was running toward the finish line, Ton, another man exited the woods at full speed. Saifon was thrown off by surprise when Ton ran right pass her and the finish line.
The elders of the island headed over to Ton as Saifon slowly walked over to them dolefully. Yet she was very happy for Ton that he had won. Just as everyone congratulated Ton, Mann came running from the woods with a wild duck in his hand. Seeing that Saifon was already there, Mann was surprized.
        "Wait!" Mann exclaimed, "Ton did not win, he cheated!"
Everyone turned to look at Mann curiously. Ton looked at Mann with pleading eyes.
        "How did he cheat?" Tongbai, one of the elders questioned.
Mann looked over to Ton who was pleading with his eyes. He pitied Ton, but justice needs to be kept.
        "I was looking for an animal to kill when I happen to see Ton searching around talking to himself." Mann explained, "Last night he hid the chicken out there already. It only took him longer to get here because he was looking for it."
Everyone turned to Ton. Ton shook his head in protest.
        "Mann is lying, I wouldn't do that." Ton said, "Mann just wants Saifon to win."
Now noone knows who to trust anymore as they stare in between the two. Saifon let out a sigh of annoyance. Why must she be pulled into this too?
It wasn't long until Kaew, Ton's girlfriend walked into the spotlight.
        "Mann is telling the truth," Kaew stated, "I found out and to keep me from telling, Ton tied me up to a chair at home."
Kaew held up the rope for proof and then threw it at Ton. The people shook their heads in disappointment at Ton with different expressions, but the one that hurt him the most was Kaew's. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at him.
        "I know that you want to marry me, but if you use this unfair way to do it, then I don't want to marry you." Kaew said before walking away.
Ton apologized to everyone before running after Kaew. Saifon felt bad for Ton, but she realized that it means she won. Everyone cheered for her.
        "Now you are all grown up and can get married whenever you want to." Tongbai announced, "And finally we have a woman elder!"
Saifon had that huge grin once again as Tongbai held one of her hands and Mann held the other, holding them up to say she's the champion.
Phuket, Thailand:
Packing his suitcase, Tawan looked up when the door to his room opened and his mom walked in. Tawan set down his shirt and gave his mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
        "Are you already done packing mom?" he asked.
His mother, Mrs. Tungsrisuk, smiled and gave him a little smack on the forehead.
        "Only you are not done, your father and I told you to pack for the trip since two days ago and you just came to do it now." Mrs. Tungsrisuk replied, "You always do everything last minute."
Tawan put a huge grin on his face and nodded in agreement. He picked up his shirt again and folded it nicely, placing it into the suitcase with the rest of his clothing.
        "I really can't help it that I have been so busy with my portfolio and looking for work." Tawan said.
        "You don't have to look for a job, you're going to take over your father's business with your brother Pranon." his mother replied.
James let out a sigh and turned to face his mother.
        "But I don't want to work in the film and directing field, I want to be an explorer who travels the world." Tawan answers, "Just like the sun travels around the world."
        "Well I don't want my sunshine to go away from me." replied his mother.
Tawan looked over to his mother knowingly. He knows that his mother was afraid that he will meet with dangers on his journey's, but it's what he loves.
        "Mom, don't worry, I'm a grown-up now, I can take care of myself." Tawan assured as he closed his suitcase.
Seeing that Tawan was unable to zip up his suitcase, his mom rolled her eyes at him and went to help.
        "No matter how old you are, you are still a child to me." his mom stated as she opened up the suitcase to see what he had packed, "Tawan, we're just going for a week and you pack your whole closet?"
Tawan let out a small laugh as his mother turned to him with a funny expression on her face.
Just then Pranon walked by the door and overheard everything. He shook his head with a playful smile on his face. He stepped inside the room.
        "Mom, I'll help Tawan with that." Pranon suggested, "You go out and take care of dad."
His mom looked up at him and agreed. Tawan stood up and gave his brother a nudge on the shoulder as thier mother left.
        "Pranon, don't you have your own things to pack?" Tawan asked.
        "I'm already done packing, I'm not like you who always play arond till the last minute." Pranon replied jokingly.
        "That's because you are a perfectionalist, you should let loose some times, it's good for you." said Tawan, "If you're too tense, be careful you won't be able to find a lover and will be forever alone."
Pranon let out a laugh at his brother's sarcasm.
        "Don't you forget I already have Doctor Nee, it's you who should find someone before people think you're gay, then you'll really be forever alone." replied Pranon.
As he said so, he found a magazine under all Tawan's clothes and chuckled.
        "But obviously you're not gay." Pranon said holding up the magazine in Tawan's face.
In alert, Tawan snatched the magazine from Pranon's hand and hid it behind him. His cheeks blushed in embarrassment as Pranon stood up with a grin on his face.
        "No need to hide it, we're all men and we all have desires." Tawan's dad, Mr. Tungsrisuk,  said from behind him.
Startled, both Tawan and Pranon looked over to the door where their father stood. The father smiled at them.
        "In fact, I have the same copy in my hideaway." their father said.
They looked at each other before bursting out laughing.
Deuan Island, Thailand:
The waves pushed their way up onto the white granite sandy beach as Saifon made her way to her hut by the seaside. Out of all the islanders, she's the only one who built her hut by the sea because that was where her parents first met. She didn't care if the sea will rise to flood it, it was the only memory she had of her parents. She stopped and looked out at the open sea with a lot expression on her face until Mann ran into her.
        "Please, Saifon, tell me who you like and want to marry." Mann pleaded, hoping to hear his name.
Saifon turned to face him with an angry expression.
        "Mann..." Saifon said.
Hearing this, Mann's eyes sparkled in glee. His big white teeth showed with the ear to ear smile he put on his face, only to be wiped out when Saifon smacked his left shoulder.
        "I told you to leave me alone." Saifon said, "I told you we could only be friends and I love you only as a brother."
Mann pouted, making a puppy dog face. Saifon rolled her eyes and walked away. He followed after her.
        "You can rethink it over if you want, I'm not mad." Mann said, still with hope.
        "This will be the last time I tell you this, otherwise I will have to literally beat you to death." Saifon replied, staring directly into his eyes, "You are a brother to me, nothing more."
Mann could feel his heart being ripped out from his chest and thrown into the ocean, yet he still faked a smile and laughed.
        "Gosh Saifon, I already know, I was just playing around." Mann lied, "Why get this mad, to the point of wanting to murder me, huh?"
        "You know how I am Mann, I don't like to joke around." Saifon replied.
She gave him a smile before entering the hut, leaving Mann there wih an open scar on his heart, and tears in his eyes.
At the dock: Phuket, Thailand:
Making their way down the dock to the boat., Mr. Tangsrisuk recieved a phone call from his personal assistent about the job they had accepted. Tawan, Pranon and their mother waited to hear what the phone call was about. Finally when the dad hung up, he turned to look at Pranon.
        "Pranon, the businessman that we signed contract with has a problem with the ad scrpit." Mr. Tungsrisuk informed, "he says that he wants to talk to you about it now or else they will pull out of the deal, could you please go take care of it."
All eyes were on Pranon, waiting for the answer. Pranon took a deep breath before nodding in agreement. Tawan felt bad, he knew that Pranon really wanted to go on that trip and had been excited for forever.
        "If so, lets wait til everything is fixed, then we can all go together." Tawan suggested.
        "No, it's okay, you guys go" Pranon replied, "it'll be a waste to buy the tickets and not go."
        "Are you sure?" Mr. Tungsrisuk questioned.
        "Yes I'm sure." Pranon answered.
        "Okay then, if you insist." said Mr. Tungsrisuk.
        "OKay, take care." Pranon said.
Tawan nodded in answer as their father and mother loaded their suitcases onto the boat. Pranon waved them a good-bye and went back to clear up the project.
Deaun Island:
Fishing-pole in hand, Saifon locked the door to her hut and headed out to the dock to fish. Just as she threw the line out, she heard a few of the islanders screaming and calling for help. She stood up, looking around to find the source of the screams. Following it, not too far from her house, Saifon spotted Ton and Mann jumping into the water.
        "What's going on?" Saifon asked.
        "My little brother went into the water to get the ball and he..." a terrified Kaew answered.
Even before Kaew could finish her sentence, Saifon jumped into the water to go help look. Kaew sat onto the ground and cried as Mann, Ton, and Saifon each took a turn to come up for air. Finally Ton came up, holding Kaew's brother, Tor, in his arms. Kaew hurried over to help pull Tor out of the water as Mann and Saifon followed after Ton. Since Ton was the first one who went in, he was exhausted and lay down to rest while Saifon helped Mann with Tor.
The sky was getting darker as Kaew, Ton, Mann, and Siafon helped bring Tor back to the house. Mann looked up at the sky in worry. Saifon looked up as well curious at what Mann was doing. The tree tops were swaying back and forth heavily as the wind got stronger.
        "There's going to be a storm, Ton and Kaew take Tor to the hide out, Mann and I will go warn the islanders." Saifon ordered.
Kaew and Ton nodded in response as they grabbed onto Tor, carrying him toward the hideout. Mann and Saifon ran toward the village.
        "Everyone, a storm is coming, grab everything you can and head to the hide out!" Mann shouted, "It's going to be a heavy one, we don't know how high the flood will get."
Mann headed to his hut and started packing his belongings as everyone else stopped what they were doing to do the same. Saifon went to help the elderly and the little kids, forgetting about her own things.
Tungsrisuk Co.: Phuket, Thai Land:
Pranon walked out the doors and headed down the steps with his friend Yod. Yod smiles at Pranon.
        "I told you that they don't love you." Yod said to Pranon, "we didn't have a problem with the script, your god-father just doesn't want you to go on the trip to ruin their family moments, because no matter what you'll always be the adopted son."
Pranon stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Yod in anger. Inside he already had a feeling of being the extra, but Yod having to say it out loud made him feel worse.
        "Don't say that about my father, he is just worried about work." Pranon said.
Yod let out a small chuckle, shaking his head at Pranon.
        "Do you really believe that, or are you just lying to yourself that they see your importance?" Yod questioned.
Pranon hesitated because even he wasn't sure of the answer. Flashbacks ran through his head of moments when he would have been happy if it weren't for Tawan being there. Since Tawan was born, father and mother cared less about him. What ever he asked for, thye would say that they can't afford it, but when Tawan asked for it, they buy it for him. Pranon shook the flashbacks out of his mind and turned to look at Yod.
        "If father doesn't see my importance, he wouldn't trust in me to come back to clear things out." Pranon replied.
        "And was there anything to clear up?" Yod asked, "I just want to help you realize the truth, becasue I don't want a good friend like you to be hurt in the end."
Yod patted Pranon in the back.
        "Thanks for the concern, but I know how my family is." Pranon assured himself.
Pranon left as Yod let out a chuckle after him.
        "I will ruin you one day I promise." Yod said, "I will make you become like me."
Yod smirked, recalling those times in the past, before he went off in his own direction.
On the Ship: Indian Ocean:
Everyone rushed down into the rooms as the rain began pouring harder. Everyone except for Tawan. He was like the single light in this dark storm that was about to enter his life.  The ship swayed back and forth dangerously as Tawan stood there looking out at the deep dark sea that was waving heavily. The rain and wind was such a comforting feeling to him.
Mr. and Mrs. Tangsrisuk finally managed to make their way through the crouded hallway to their room.  Only when they had entered and waited for Tawan did they realize that he hadn't been following them. Mrs. Tangsrisuk shook her head in disbelief.
        "This is why I don't want Tawan to go travel around the world." she said.
        "He's still young, those kids will do anything challenging and dangerous these days." Mr. Tangsrisuk replied.
        "You better go call him in before anythng happens to him." Mrs. Tangsrisuk ordered.
Mr. Tangsrisuk let out a sigh as he went out the door and headed up the stairs.
Tawan spread out his arms and tilted his face up so the rain will hit it.
        "It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." Tawan sang.
Suddenly the ship tilted once more, sending him flying toward the edge of the ship. If it weren't for the railing's he would've flew right off into the deep dark stirring water. Tawan barely just stood up when his father gently smack him on the head.
        "What were you saying about me, calling me old man?" Mr. Tangsrisuk said.
        "Sorry father." Tawan replied with a sheepish smile.
        "Now what are you doing out here?" Mr. Tangsrisuk questioned, "It's too dangerous and you're all wet, get inside now."
Mr. Tangsrisuk dragged Tawan down to the room.


Mrs James Ma
Wow this is first time I'm reading your FF and it's beautiful. Your writing is really good. Tawan is a cool guy. I feel sad for Pranon. I hope whatever Yod said is not true. But I think Pranon will like Saifon like Tawan. Waiting for the next part :)


sarNie Juvenile
I've been missing "Game Rai Game Ruk" for a while now and now you've fulfilled my wishes by creating a FF with Jirassaya. THANK YOU! I've always wanted Yaya as the islander and this is just perfect. Loved the beginning. Saifon is such a powerful female. Did I mention that I loved it? Haha! Is it just me or is this Yod guy an addition? To me, he seems like the ultimate bad guy. I'm going to guess he plays a big role in your version. Well, now I have to follow your FF and sees what happens. I'll be waiting! :D


sarNie Adult
Kyaaaaaaaaaah!! Nong! I love it, it's so cute! I love Tawan and saifon already. I feel like she's gonna have to beat him up at some point. Hahaha! It's really adorable. If your fic were a stuffed toy I would've hugged it to death. Kyaaaaah! Update soon!


Thanks everyone for reading my fanfic. :) Hope you guys will be patient and wait while I put together chapter two. I'll be adding new characters and will update in a few days. Wait patiently na ka. :)


Mrs James Ma
 :no: :no: :no: :no: waiting
Bieluvr said:
Thanks everyone for reading my fanfic. :) Hope you guys will be patient and wait while I put together chapter two. I'll be adding new characters and will update in a few days. Wait patiently na ka. :)


Here's Chapter 2. Thanks for waiting patiently. :)
Chapter 2:
Tawan peeked into the room to see if his parents were asleep yet, so he could sneak out to the surface again. Tonight felt like something special even though it was still pouring. As Tawan made his way to the railings, the pilot came out to check on the direction they were going in.
  "Hey!" the pilot called out, "What are you doing?!"
Startled, Tawan turned around to face the Pilot, who was making his way toward Tawan in haste.
  "Don't you dare jump off the ship." said the pilot, "If you wanted to kill yourself do it when you get off the ship."

Deuan Island:
Everyone got to the hideout safely, but it wasn't until everyone had settled in that Sabai, Tongbai's wife realized that in the process she had forgotten that her baby was still sleeping in the crib.
  "Is everyone here safely?" Saifon called out.
Sabai rushed up to the front, pushing through the crowd, sticking her hand up in the air so they'll see it.
  "I forgot to grab Saijai!" Sabai cried, "please, someone go get her!"
Saifon nodded and headed out but was stopped by Mann.
  "No, I'll go." Mann said.
She looked up into his eyes. He could see that look in her eyes that said no matter what she has to go. Mann hesitated for awhile, but nodded to give her permission.
  "But I'm coming along in case." Mann stated.
Both Mann and Saifon quickly ran back to the village and saw that the water level had risen quickly in a short amount of time. Saifon grabbed Saijai, who was still sound asleep, out of the crib and gave Mann a hand signal telling him to go back.
Rushing up the hill, Saifon slipped due to the mud puddles created from the heavy rain. Suddenly the ground from beneath her broke and she fell into a six foot deep hole.
  "Mann!" Saifon shouted out.
Mann stopped in his tracks and turned back to find her inside the hole that they had dug for trapping animals.
  "Saifon! grab my hand." Mann said, reaching his hand down to her.
At first Saifon was about to grab his hand, but realized that she was holding Saijai. She looked at her other hand. Blood ran down her hands to her arms from hitting a rock at the bottom. She looked back up to Mann.
  "I can't, you take Saijai to safety first, I'll find a way to get out. " Saifon said, holding Saijai up to Mann.
  "But..." Mann started to say as he grabbed Saijai from Saifon's hands.
  "That's an order." Saifon called out, "Don't worry about me, I'll wait for the hole to fill up and swim out."
Mann nodded in response, kind of impressed that Saifon was always a step ahead of him. Holding Saijai close to his chest, Mann hurried to the hideout.

Tawan was dumbfounded as he stared at the pilot in question. Did he really think Tawan was going to jump off?
  "I wasn't going to j..." Tawan began to say when the ship hit a big rock in the middle of nowhere.
The ship tilted once more, and Tawan flew over the rails unintentionally. The pilot tried to grab onto him, but it was too late, Tawan had already been swallowed by the treacherous whirlpools below.
The Pilot quickly ran to the ring the warning bell as the ship wavered back and forth continuously hitting more rocks. The alarm woke everyone up and they began running around in fear as the robotic voice on the MC came on.
  "All passengers keep calm. The ship has met with a few problems. We need you to all keep calm for the purpose of the ship."
Mr. and Mrs. Tangsrisuk went out to the main room where Tawan was supposed to be, but saw that he was gone. Worried, they ran toward the surface, but was stopped at the stairs.
  "Sir, Mam, you need to stay calm." a worker on the ship warned.
  "My son!" Mrs. Tangsrisuk exclaimed, "my son is missing!"
It wasn't long after she had said that when the pilot came down from the surface.
  "A man fell off the ship!" the pilot announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Tangsrisuk's hearts dropped as they heard this. It couldn't have been anyone other than Tawan. Doing what ever she could, Mrs. Tangsrisuk managed to push pass the pilot and the worker and went out. Mr. Tangsrisuk and the pilot followed after her.
  "Miss, we can't do anything now, it's too dangerous." the pilot said, "right now we need to get to land as soon as possible to keep the ship from sinking. We will come back when it is safe to look for him. Understand?"
Mr. Tangsrisuk pulled Mrs .Tangsrisuk into a hug and nodded to the pilot as they cried.

Deuan Island:
Tongbai and Sabai stood by the entrance waiting for their baby with worry when Mann came running and handed them the baby.
  "Where's Saifon?" Tongbai asked.
  "She fell into a hole, I'm going back to help her." Mann said, turning to go.
Just at that time, lightning struck a tree nearby, sending a big branch falling over him. Mann backed up into the hideout as the entrance got blocked by the branch. Tongbai, Mann, and the bunch of guys tried to push it away, but it was too heavy.
  "We'll have to cut it down into pieces." Tongbai said, "grab the axe and start cutting, when you're exhausted to hand it to someone else."
  "But Saifon..." Man began to say.
  "We have to save ourselves first Mann." Ton said from behind, "If we don't cut it, who knows how long we're going to have to stay in here."
  "Anyways we have to remove the branch before you can get out too." Tongbai reminded him.
Mann nodded in response and grabbed the axe, beginning to cut.

The loud rushing sound of the waves echoed through his head as the events of a few hours ago ran through his mind. He could feel himself, being thrown from here to there as the whirlpool sent him traveling across the universe.
  "Am I really going to die just like this?" the thought escaped his mind.
He finally opened his eyes, feeling a muddy ground beneath him. Coughing out ounces of water as he sat up. He looked around at an unfamiliar place. The rain was still going strong and it was too dark to see anything clearly.
  "Where am I?" he questioned.
Still deep in question, he stood up to go find the answers to his questions. His head hurt as if someone was stabbing it from the inside as he wandered around in the shadows of the stormy night.

Tangsrisuk Household:
Tossing and turning in bed, Pranon sat up immediately after hearing a loud clash beside his bed. Quickly turning on the light, he looked down to find the family picture frame broken. Incautiously, Pranon got off the bed to pick it up, only to accidentally step on a piece of glass. The sudden pain caused him to let out a scream as he sat back down on the bed.
  "Aunt Ying!" Pranon called, "Jen!"
As soon as he called out, Jen came running in.
  "Yes, sir Pranon?" Jen asked.
Seeing the blood, she let out a scream.
  "Waaaiii, what happened!?" Jen questioned as she backed away.
Pranon was about to answer when Aunt Ying walked in along with Doctor Wichayanee Behrman, Pranon's fiance.
  "What's all this commotion about?" Wichayanee asked.
Pranon looked up at Wichayanee and smiled, happy to see her. Then he looked over to Aunt Ying and Jen.
  "Jen, go get the broom and clean this up." Pranon ordered.
Jen nodded and ran. Wichayanee and Aunt Ying came over and helped Pranon over to the couch.
  "Aunt Ying, could you go get the first aid kit please." said Wichayanee.
Aunt Ying headed out. Pranon smiled at Wichayanee as she smiled at him.
  "Wi, you didn't tell me you were coming back from the mountains." Pranon said, holding onto her hand.
  "I wanted to surprise you." Wi replied, "but look at you, being so clumsy."
Pranon let out a laugh and watched as Wi took out a piece of glass from his foot and wiped off the blood. Aunt Ying handed her the first aid kit and gave Pranon a shy smile.
  "Pranon, what happened." Questioned Aunt Ying.
  "I accidentally knocked down the frame while sleeping." answered Pranon.
  "You roll all over the place during sleep, I'm afraid one day you and Wi get married, you'll take over the bed too." Aunt Ying said jokingly.
They all let out a giggle, but Pranon had a gut feeling that something was going to happen. He looked out the window as Wi wrapped up his foot. When she was finished, Wi looked up to see a worried Pranon staring off into space.
  "Non, what's wrong?" Wi asked.
  "I don't know, but I don't feel good about the family trip." Pranon stated, "When did it start raining?"
Wi handed the kit to Aunt Ying, who left right away, and turned back to hug Non's arm.
  "Don't worry too much, I'm sure nothing will happen." Wi comforted him.
Pranon let out a sigh of relief, hearing her words.

Deuan Island:
The hole had only been filled up a forth of the way as Saifon stood in mud, soaking wet. Her arms were wrapped around her body to keep warm as she shivered, teeth cluttering. She could feel her feet getting numb from being in water for too long. If she waited for the hole to fill up, it would take the whole night till morning and by that time she probably would've died from freezing to death. With no choice, Saifon began to jump to grab onto the ground above, each time slipping back down.
  "Help me!" Saifon called out of instinct.
She laughed at herself and shook her head with lost hope. There will be no one to hear her calls, they were all at the hide out. She tried jumping again.
As she was about to slip once more, a pair of hands from above grabbed onto her. With hope this time, Saifon lifted her head up to look at who her savior was. Lightning flashed as their eyes met, giving her a brighter light to see his face. To her surprise, it was no one she had known before. But that doesn't matter now as her life was in danger.
  "Please help me get out of here." Saifon pleaded the man.
  "Don't worry, hold on tight." he replied.
Saifon smiled in happiness that she will not die as she held onto his arms, slowly going up with his help.
When she got out, Saifon let herself lie down on the mud, breathing heavily from exhaustion. He also lie down beside her, out of breath. Saifon turned her head to look at him. Who was this person? Where did he come from? Was he an angel in disguise who came to rescue her from her death? She moved closer to get a better look when suddenly, lightning flashed again and the deafening sound of thunder followed after. The sound frightened her, forcing her to grab onto him as she looked up at the sky. Only now did she realize that it was still raining.
  "Come on, we have to go to a safer place." Saifon said, pulling the exhausted man up.
  "Where are we going?" he questioned.
Without answering, Saifon grabbed his hand and dragged him along.

Still going at it, all Mann had in his mind was Saifon. She was in danger and he couldn't be there to help her. Tongbai had all the men lined up waiting for Mann to hand them the axe when he was exhausted. With no help at all, he managed to cut the branch into pieces. The other men watched, smiling inside, glad they didn't have to get at it.
  "Got it!" Mann exclaimed, throwing the axe onto the ground, "come help me move the pieces."
He carefully pushed his way through until there was a tiny path for him to get out. A big smile appeared on his face just before he suddenly fell to the ground from exhaustion. Tongbai and a few of the men went out to check on him.
  "Mann has fainted." Ton informed.
  "Bring him in to rest." Tongbai ordered.
The men hastily helped carry Mann into the hide out and laid him down on the rock bed. Mann was shivering uncontrollably as he slept with Saifon in his mind.

Too exhausted, Saifon pulled the man under a small cave, deciding to stay there for the night. She was too tired to get all the way to the hide out and this place seems high enough water couldn't reach it. They each sat down on a stone, wiping the the sweat mixed with rain water out of their eyes. Saifon looked up to find his sparkling eyes staring at her own. She felt her heart skip a beat and was afraid, for she had never had that feeling before. Something stirred up inside her and she blinked to get rid of that electrifying thought.
  "Um...thank you." Saifon said.
The man smiled with a nod as he shivered from the coldness. Saifon noticed and went over to sit beside him. He looked up at her with questioning eyes.
  "Stay close for warmth." Saifon stated.
The man nodded and suddenly reached out, grabbing her waist. Saifon was startled by the sudden grasp and as she was about to punch him, he leaned his head onto her and passed out. Heart racing so fast, Saifon didn't know what to do. She only stared down to him as his head slipped down to rest on her lap and he held her so tight.
  "Who are you?" Saifon questioned to herself, "How is it that you can make me feel so differently than I had ever felt?"
Naturally, she placed her hand on his head and gently patted it. It was only when she felt a gooey liquid that she lifted her hand up to look as lightning flashes again, permanently pasting the image of blood in her mind.

Tangsrisuk household:
Wi just drove out of the driveway in her new shiny light blue Nissan Leaf, when Jen came running out of the house with the phone.
  "Sir Pranon!" Jen called.
Pranon turned to face Jen.
  "What is it?" Pranon questioned.
  "Phone call from the dock station." Jen announced.
Shocked, Pranon grabbed the phone.
  "Hello?" Pranon spoke into the phone.
  "Hello, is this the relatives of Sir and Mam Tangsrisuk?" the person on the other line questioned.
  "Yes, how may I help you?" asked Pranon.
  "We just want to inform you that the ship that Sir and Mam Tangsrisuk had met with an accident, right now we are waiting for more news from the pilot." Pranon was informed, "We want you to control yourself and be ready for the news, good or bad."
Pranon had sunk to the ground in shock as he listened to man.
  "Yes, I understand." replied Pranon before hanging up.
Both Aunt Ying and Jen stood there behind him waiting to hear what the problem was. Aunt Ying was worried sick seeing Pranon's flushed out face. He was as pale as a ghost.
  "Non, what's wrong?" Aunt Ying questioned.
Pranon turned to Aunt Ying as a tear rolled down his cheek. Seeing this, Aunt Ying went to his side and pulled him into her arms.
  "Aunt, the ship that mom, dad, and Tawan went on met with an accident." Pranon announced.
Aunt Ying's heart fell hearing this and her reaction was worse. Aunt Ying eventually knocked out on the front porch steps.


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Chapter 3:
Deuan Island:

Shivering, burning hot, Mann spoke out Saifon's name. The sun had risen and the rain had stopped already. The villagers were making their way back to their village to see what was left of it, while Ton and Tor were left behind to watch over Mann. Soon Mann opened his eyes and sat up.
  "Saifon!" Mann exclaimed "Where's Saifon?"
Mann looked around to find everyone gone and Tor looking at him.
  "Mann, you're up already." Tor said.
Mann nodded in response.
  "How are you feeling?" questioned Tor.
  "I'm fine, where's everyone?" Mann asked, "Where's Saifon.
Ton finally walked in after taking a bath.
  "Everyone went back to the village and Tongbai had the men go out to look for Saifon." Ton replied.
Hearing this, Mann got up to go look for her as well. With a blurred vision, Mann stumbled back and forth, struggling to go out. Ton and Tor had to come and grab him for him not to fall to the ground.
  "You should rest first." Ton said.
  "But I need to go help Saifon." Mann argued.
  "Tongbai already went to the trap and she's not there anymore." Ton informed, "She probably got out and found a place to hide."
Before Ton even finished speaking, Mann had already passed out again.

Saifon awoke to the voices of the men from the village calling her. She had forgotten that there was the stranger still sleeping beside her. When she looked down at him, she realized his head was bleeding, hence explains the blood on her hand last night. Wondering how he got injured, Saifon slowly got up and slowly bent down to get a clear look at his face. Her heart raced as her face was only inches away from his. She could feel his breath hitting her face. Carefully looking at his closed eyes, to the tip of his nose and down to his lips, she couldn't help but smile. He was sound asleep peacefully like an angel.
  "Like an angel from above, sent to rescue me." Saifon's smile spread from ear to ear, "My Angel."
Saifon looked up again until her eyes met with the most beautiful eyes ever staring back at hers. She froze, not knowing what to do. In this moment that time had stopped, her breath caught. There were questions in his eyes as he stared at her. He had never seen her before.
  "Saifon!" Saifon looked up, finally escaping that alluring stare of his.
She gulped and quickly stood up, heading toward the opening of the cave.
  "I'm over here!" Saifon shouted.
The group of men came running toward her in worry as she smiled at them, so glad to see their faces again. Looking at them, she wondered where Mann was.
  "Where's Mann?" Saifon questioned, "Did he make it to the hide out with Saijai?"
  "He made it, but caught a fever, he's still resting." Nat, the tallest one of them all replied.
In worry, Saifon almost forgot about the stranger as she told them to hurry so she could go see Mann. Then men nodded and was about to go, when a pair of hands wrapped themselves around Saifon's shoulders, causing her to fall backwards into the burning hot chest of her savior.
  "My head hurts." he said.
The men gasped in shock at the sudden incident. They looked him over and noticed that they didn't know him.
  "Who are you?" Natee, the youngest of the men asked.
Unable to answer, and with a headache, he passed out onto her. Saifon had to grab onto the side of the cave to stand.
  "Help me take him to the village, I'll explain later." Saifon ordered.
The men nodded in response and quickly went to Saifon's side to help carry the stranger to the village.

Tangsrisuk household:
Worried all night long, Pranon wasn't able to get any sleep. He sat by the phone waiting to hear news of how the ship was doing. Only when Wi walked in did he turn his focus away from the phone.
  "Non, don't think too much, keep faith, I'm sure they will be okay." Wi assured.
  "I know. You too Wi. Because of me, you had to come back and take care of Aunt Ying and didn't get to sleep." Pranon replied.
  "It's nothing, It's my job." said Wi.
Pranon smiled and grabbed Wi's hand, giving it a peck.
  "I'm glad I have you." Pranon said.
Wi let out a giggle as the phone rang. Pranon quickly grabbed it and answered.
  "Hello?" said Pranon.
  "Hello, is this the Tangsrisuk household?" the other line asked.
  "Yes." Pranon answered.
  "We have news to tell you that Sir and Mam had gotten back safely..." the person said.
  "Thanks for the info." Pranon said and hung up, jumping, "Mom and Dad are okay!"
Wi's smile filled her face, happy for Pranon that his parents were okay as Pranon picked her up in his arms and spun around. Jen who also stood there went running to tell the good news to Aunt Ying. Pranon set Wi down and ran into the house after Jen and pulled Aunt Ying who stood in front into a hug.
  "Aunt Ying, mom and dad are fine, I'm going to go pick them up!" Pranon exclaimed.
Aunt Ying nodded with a relieved smile.
  "Go on Pranon, go pick up your parents." Aunt Ying said, gently patting Pranon on his left cheek.
Pranon gave her one more hug and a peck on the cheek before running out the door. Wi stood there and watched as Pranon got into the car and drove off after saying goodbye to her.

Phuket, at the Dock:
Mr. Tangsrisuk pulled his wife off of the ship as she cried. She had been crying the whole night that her eyes were swollen and her strength was gone. She glanced back at the ship once more and let out a loud cry, falling  to the ground.
  "Honey, don't cry too much, it'll be bad for your health." said Mr. Tangsrisuk.
  "How do you expect me to not cry, my son fell off into the ocean and I'm supposed to smile like nothing happened?!" Mrs. Tangsrisuk cried, "I don't even know how he's doing right now, if he's dead or alive."
Mr. Tangsrisuk knelt down and pulled her into his arms.
  "I'm not telling you to smile like nothing happened, but stop crying, I'll have our people out to look for him." Mr. Tangsrisuk replied.
Mr. Tangsrisuk gave his wife a pat on the back trying to confort her, when Pranon came running. Seeing his mother sitting o the ground crying, the smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with a worried frown. What was wrong, why was his mother crying? Pranon looked around for Tawan, but he was nowhere.
  "Mom, dad, where's Tawan?" Pranon questioned.
Mr. Tangsrisuk looked up at Pranon in a glare, angry that Pranon brought up Tawan's name at this time. Mrs. Tangsrisuk let out another cry hearing Tawan's name. Noticing his father's face, Pranon realized he had done somethng wrong and he backed away.
  "Don't come here and bring up that name." Mr. Tangsrisuk scowled at Pranon.
Pranon nodded, feeling useless. By now he knew something was wrong and Tawan had gone missing.
  "Mom, don't worry, let's go home to rest." Pranon said and bent down to help his father lift his mother up.
Mrs. Tangsrisuk got up and pushed Pranon away.
  "Don't touch me, I'm going to go look for my son!" she shouted.
Pranon stopped in his tracks and was shocked. Mr. Tangsrisuk looked over to him.
  "I'll take care of this, you just go do what ever you want." Mr. Tangsrisuk said as he held onto his wife and led her back toward the car.
Pranon stood there as tears welled up in his eyes. He was hurt.
  "My son?" Pranon murmured, "Am I not your son too?"
Just as he was about to go, Yod stepped out in front of him. Yod had been following Pranon a while ago, when Pranon just drove out of the house.
  "And who are you? Aren't you their son as well?" Yod questioned sarcastically, "Oh wait, their adoptive son. They don't care for your feelings."
Pranon glared at Yod, with his fists clenched. He was already feeling small, he wasn't about to let any one else put bad thoughts into his mind.
  "You know nothing, Yod, step away." Pranon warned.
  "How do i not know?" Yod replied, "Have you forgotten that I was adopted too, only my misery came long before yours."
Pranon blinked out some tears as he remembered the past. How culd he ever forget that miserable time he had spent in the orphanage?  Being made fun of every day that he was a kid with no parents. Yod was another orphan just like him and they were all each other had when they were feeling down.
  "You know you still have me." Yod smiled, "Remember we would always tell each other our worries and sadness?"
  "How could I forget?" Pranon answered.
Yod nodded, coming closer.
  "Just leave me alone." Pranon said as he pushed pass Yod and walked away.
They were grown up now and he doesn't need to tell Yod anything that he doesn't want to. Yod stared after Pranon with a smirk.
  "Just wait, one day you'll feel the pain I had to feel." Yod stated.

Deuan Island:
The sun was high up in the sky, the wind blew strong. The ocean had risen as the after effects of the rainstorm the night before. Waves were crashing onto the rocks on shore. Birds chirped, and you could hear the squeaking of animals speaking to one another. He woke up to the sound of people shouting, helping each other with getting their village to dry up. Opening his eyes, he found a straw ceiling above, he felt a hard platform beneath. He sat up and looked around with a stabbing migraine.
  "Where am I?" he questioned.
Tor, who was ordered to look after him looked up from what he was doing when he heard the man speak.
  "Oh, you're up." Tor said.
The man turned to look at Tor.
  "Who are you?" he asked.
  "I should be asking you that instead, How did you get on the island?" Tor questioned, "I've never seen you before."
The man squinted his eyes in thought which only made his migraine worse.
  "I don't know." he answered.
Tor nodded and looked at the man in question.
  "Wait here, I'll come back." Tor said and ran out the door to go get Saifon and the elders.
When Tor had disappeared, the man stood up and headed out the door to explore the unfamiliar place. The bright sun almost blinding him, he brought his hands up to block it. In front of him was a long walkway that led to the seaside, where at the end was a small dock. He made his way down and sat down on the bench located on the right side of the dock.
Soon enough Tor had returned with Saifon and Mann. They went straight into the hut to find no one there.
  "Eh, where did he go?" Tor questioned.
  "Check to see if anything is missing, what if he was a robber?" Mann asked.
Saifon shook her head at them.
  "If he was a robber, why would he save my life?" Saifon questioned, "By now he would've killed me then."
Mann stared at Saifon feeling bad that he wasn't the one to rescue her. If he was, she would've praised him instead. Saifon peeked outside and looked around until she spotted the man sitting at the dock.
  "Over here guys." Saifon informed.
Hearing Saifon's voice, the man looked in their direction as Saifon and Mann headed toward him. The man looked at them in question.
  "Who are you?" the man asked.
  "I'm the person you saved last night, don't you remember?" Saifon questioned.
The man scratched his head in thought until he looked up at her and remembered, the girl he had fell asleep on last night.
  "Oh, it's you!" the man exclaimed, excited that he recognized someone.
Saifon smiled at him.
  "So who are you?" Mann questioned the man.
The man looked up at Mann.
  "I'm.... Uh, I'm...." he began to say, "Who am I?"
Saifon looked at Mann in confusion.
  "If you don't know who you are, then how are we supposed to know?" Mann replied.
  "Oh, you guys haven't known me before?" the man asked, "So are you knew to this place?"
Mann and Saifon looked at each other then bursted out laughing.
  "You are knew to this place, we have been here since we were born." Saifon answered, "Just think carefully, what's your name?"
  "I...I..." he tried to think.
Just then, Kaew came running toward them.
  "Saifon, Mann, Tongbai called for a meeting, it's very important." Kaew announced.
  "Okay, we'll come." Mann said.
Kaew nodded and ran off ahead. Mann and Saifon looked around for Tor, but he had already ran off to go play.
  "Who's going to watch this man then?" Mann asked.
Saifon looked around.
  "You go ahead Mann, I'll stay here and watch him." Saifon answered.
  "But he's a man and you're a woman." Mann stated, "What if..."
  "Don't worry about me, you know how strong I am." Saifon assured Mann, "And if he was going to do anything, I wouldn't have lasted this long, plus, you are a man, your decision in the meeting is important."
Mann thought for a while and nodded in agreement. He gave Saifon a pat on the back before running to the town.

Stanley Household:
Pulling into the driveway, Yod parked his car and got out, heading in to an awaiting angry father. Mr. Stanley glared at Yod as Yod made his way up to him. Out of no where, Mr. Stanley smacked Yod on his left cheek.
  "Dad, why did you hit me?" Yod questioned, wiping the blood from the corner of his lips.
  "I am not your father! You Unlucky piece of shit!" Mr. Stanley shouted, "I told you to go sign the contract with Wongwilas Airport, why haven't you done it yet?!"
  "Dad, I tried to, but they wouldn't accept." Yod answered.
Mr. Stanley glared at Yod with a hatred that couldn't be described with words. Yod could feel his heart tearing from his chest as he tried to hold in his pain and tears.
  "You wanted to be the boss so you killed my son, now you better find a way to get that contract or you can go live out with the digs where you belong!" Mr. Stanley cursed at Yod.
Yod looked up into his father's eyes in disbelief. That incident had been so long ago, but Mr. Stanley still held a grudge.
  "Dad, I told you that was an accident." said Yod.
Mr. Stanley turned away.
  "Just go back to hell and leave me alone." Mr. Stanley said, "It was a mistake to adopt a devil like you."
Mr. Stanley spitted at the ground and plopped down onto the couch, grabbing his binder and got back to his own work, not caring about how Yod would feel.
Yod clenched his fists and went up to his room. Throwing himself onto his bed, he let it all come out. That moment that Yod regretted the most once again flashed through his mind. It was an after school day back when Yod was only nine years old and his big brother Chai was only 11. They had been walking home from school when Chai came up behind Yod and grabbed his homework packet from him. Chai ran ahead so that he could have enough time to rip the packet up. Yod chased behind Chai and as they got to the cross section, Chai had already managed to rip up the packet. Yod caught up to Chai, but not being careful, Yod tripped over a bump in the sidewalk and accidentally pushed Chai in front of an oncoming car.
  "It was an accident! I told you, an accident!!!" Yod cried out, "If you aren't going to believe me, then why keep me with you and torture me like this?!"
Yod threw the lamp that was on the counter beside his bed, across the room onto the wall. The glass had broken onto his hand, but those wounds didn't hurt half of what the wounds in his heart felt.

Deuan Island:
The towns people gathered at the usual place as Tongbai pulled Ton up into the front of everyone. Mann moved closer to the front waiting to hear what the meeting was for.
  "Today we gather here to celebrate the boy who turned into a man." Tongbai announced.
Everyone cheered, yet still unsure who Tongbai was talking about. Tongbai gave Ton a pat on the back.
  "Yesterday, before the rainstorm, Ton had been a man who threw away all his fears and went into the ocean to save the life of one of our future men, Tor, the younger brother of Kaew." Tongbai said, "Not only that, but he had saved Kaew's life from a poisonous snake as well."
Finally everyone cheered again this time knowing the reason. Once someone does something brave and/or saved someones life, they will be considered an adult after that incident as well.
  "Therefore, Ton is a fully grown men now and he will be allowed to choose a wife to wed." Tongbai stated, "Do you have anyone in mind?"
Everyone laughed at Tongbai's sarcasm. They all knew Ton and Kaew had been waiting for this day since a year ago. Ton blushed as he looked over to Kaew who blushed the same shade of red, looking back at him. Mann shook his head in glee. Finally Ton and Kaew could get married, but when will his time come?


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