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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by Prakaidao, Jan 13, 2016.

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    Okay, so I think this is the best spot to put this thread. So I just remembered that last summer my sis, my mom and I went to the Hmong market. We met this old lady selling some sweet potatoes, and she told my mom that we should buy some because when you grill it, it's really good. Here's the funny part, she said if you grill it in "lub qhov cub av". In which it literally means dirt stove/fireplace. And my moms like umm we don't have a dirt stove, the lady keeps on insisting that they sell them everywhere, lol I was thinking to myself, this is America we don't use qhov cub av anymore. This went on for like two more minutes, and then my mom was "Ohhhh you mean lub qhov cub iav?" (Glass griller/ pot). Seems like it legit came out of a Xab Thoj movie scene since he does a lot of these references. Lol, and then we all laughed. So now everytime we go and see her we would always break out in laughter, btw we didnt buy any of her potatoes. Anyone have any similar experience with Hmong Ntsuab (Green) and Hmong Dawb (white) language confusion. Please feel free to tell it below, can't wait to read some, lol.
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    LOL. Yes that's totally funny. I don't have any personal ones because I know both Hmong Green and Hmong White language, but my sister-in-law did have some. She is hmong white and we had a grandma on our side that is hmong green. We were having a party, hmong style and grandma told nyab to go khoov mob. Nyab nodded to her and I thought she understood it. Later I went to the kitchen and saw her standing there looking confused. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me, "How do rice bend over?" LOL. I laughed and told her that it's not bending rice, it's cooking rice in a pot and then steaming it to cook.
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    Omg that's totally funny, lol, yes my aunt who's Green teases me since I'm not familiar with Green dialect to not speak or make fun of it becaus I might end up with a green family in the future. 5555 I can't stop laughing at this, ^_^, I sound so stupid trying to speak Hmong Ntsuab so I gave up.
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