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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by Sassy, May 1, 2006.

  1. Sassy

    Sassy sarNie Egg

    is fruits basket an japanese anime?
  2. JaM

    JaM 1TYM hwaiting!

    ^yes :D
  3. vina_lek

    vina_lek Guest

    I'm reading the mangas right now & am only on vol. 6. Altogether, I only have up to 12 vols. here in the states.

    Has anyone read it to the end yet? How does the anime compare to the manga?
  4. akanin

    akanin sarNie Elites

    :lmao: I didn't read the manga....but I enjoyed watching the anime... funny show...i liked it....
  5. sw33txkay

    sw33txkay sarNie Egg

    well.. the anime doesn't go as far as the manga. my advice, keep reading the manga. haha :D the anime ends when what's her name goes and visits what's his name.. the guy that yuki is so afraid of.. and tells him that she's gonna try and break the curse.. or something like that.. it might've been something different.. sorry if i kind of spoiled it for everyone.. haha :sweat: but yah, that's how it ended, after the honda girl finds out about kyo's secret (it was so sad.. poor kyo :( ) and went to visit that one dude.. the manga goes a lot farther than the anime. and i mean a lot. but the anime is pretty good to watch too. pretty funny ^_^
  6. pleang sney

    pleang sney Guest

    i love this manga because it's really funny but u have to read devil devil, it's more interesting than this one and more funny. It have Tsubasa the reservoir of chronicle which is good too. i love manga because of my brother and i have it in book and in anime. i love the two both but i refer anime it's more funny.
  7. 1-lUv3-y0u

    1-lUv3-y0u Sticky Rice

    I think that the anime was too short it ended in like Volume...10? of the manga I have all the mangas now volume 13 waiting for 14 to come out >_<
  8. sw33txkay

    sw33txkay sarNie Egg

    umm.. no, actually it ended in volume 4.. i think yuu meant episode 10.. haha :lol:
  9. dyla_90

    dyla_90 sarNie Egg

    fruits basket is a great story...i love this story...have anyone know where i can downloads this anime..
  10. stacievangest

    stacievangest sarNie Hatchling

    u could go on the ....beacuse they have all the episode...
  11. Kkrystal

    Kkrystal สุภาพบุรุษจุฑาเทพ

    nope the manga continue it should be out to 10 by now or maybe more... i saw it up to 9 so far. I can't wait for the dvd to come out for the new season.
  12. nekoyuyu

    nekoyuyu sarNie Egg

    you sure is slow, I've been downloading free manga off the web, and is way ahead of you....I stop buying manga, since I've spent too much on them, so once I discover the place to download....why spend money when it free!--->
  13. akanin

    akanin sarNie Elites

    Hi all, for those who haven't seen the anime series of Fruits Basket...I'm currently uploading this series in my archive section... :D
  14. buttertoast

    buttertoast sarNie Egg

    is akito a dude or a girl? for real, last time i heard, akito was a girl and she did it with kureno. sad...
  15. chibichaos

    chibichaos sarNie Egg

    akito is a guy thers only to girls in the anime 1 is a tigers cub nd the other is a pig thingie i 4got wat u call it!! ^_^

    love the anime it nearly made me cry hahaha!! i lve kyo but
    my favorite is momoji nd haru love them so much pain!! ^_^
  16. promise

    promise sarNie Egg

    fruits basket is a great manga...although i feel sorry for kyo the cat...
  17. 1-lUv3-y0u

    1-lUv3-y0u Sticky Rice

    there's actually Rin the horse but they didn't metion it in the anime..

    @sw33txkay: I know it ended in vol. 4 but i meant that in the anime it ended in volume 10 of the manga

    and @ nekoyuyu: Well i am getting poor so i am sorta laying off of buying some rite now but i want to support the writer and i think its a really good story and since i already got this far i want to complete the set =D
  18. anime luver

    anime luver sarNie Egg

    i love fruits basket! right now, the manga in america is already to volume 16! can you believe it?!
  19. anime luver

    anime luver sarNie Egg

    i love fruits basket! right now, the manga in america is already to volume 16! can you believe it?!
  20. ChenrukNote

    ChenrukNote Goddess

    At first I thought this thread was actually about fruit baskets lol instead of an anime series.

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