Footage of a toddler getting abused while bathing


I logged on my FB and stubble upon this video via from SriritaJensen's FC page.

I am beyond speechless and sick to my stomach !!
How can human beings be this cruel to another human being !??


sarNie Oldmaid
Aww man, my sister JUST told me about it...I hate these cruel people!! How the fuck do you live with yourself!?!?


Staff member
o_O omgahh.. WTFUDGE!!!
such cruelty!! i couldn't bare to watch!!
i just cant believe they can do such a thing.. :facepalm: :thumbdown: :arrg:


sarNie Adult
I'm completely disgusted...god...I feel like vomiting right now. That woman needs to suffer to the point where she can't live nor die.
Will the woman be charged for child abuse? I sure hope so.