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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by pianolover, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. pianolover

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    Does anyone know anything about Final fantasy: Last Order and Dirge Of Cerberus...Let me know?
  2. Pure Azn

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    Last Order Synopsis (from idols-unlimited)

    Last Order is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Child. It takes place five years before the events of Final Fantasy VII had ever begun. At that moment Cloud and Zack had escaped Shinra Inc. and was on the run. Five years ago, Sephiroth was order to inspect Mako Reactor outside the town of Nibelheim. Among him were Soldier 1st Class member Zack and a 16 year old Shinra trooper, Cloud Stife. Cloud was embarrass to show up at his home town because he had sworn to Tifa Lockhart that he would be come a full-fledge member of Soldier several years before. At Nibelheim, Sephiroth finds a large chamber with a woman inside marked “JENOVA.” Surrounding it were chambers containing what looks like mutant human beings. Disturb by this thought Siphiroth went to a mansion where Shinra research notes were left in the basement library. Siphiroth find soon finds out about, as he believed it to be, his ancestors and vows to take vengeance. After burning and killing everyone in Nibelheim he returns to the Mako Reactor, but was persued by survivors. This included Tifa and her father. Her father was found died when Tifa arrived at the Reactor. Furiously she grabbed Sephiroth sword near her father bodied and charged toward Sephiroth. At the end Tifa had lost the sword to Sephiroth and was badly injured. Zack arrived and had his try against Sephiroth, only to be sent flying from the chamber room. As Sephiroth was attempting to take Jenova with him Cloud had came charging at him. Cloud and Sephiroth battles it out. Sephiroth with Jenova jump into the reactor and Cloud, along with other survivors of Nibelheim became samples for professor Hojo. Five years after that incident, Zack and Cloud had escaped and was riding toward Midgar, where they were found by the hunters sent by the Turks. Bringing us back to the beginning of Final Fantasy VII.

    if u wanna watch it heres the link to it
  3. mainhiathao

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  4. Vamkim

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    Final fantasy? I know alot about Final fantasy. Its the BEST RPG game series!
  5. mintwix

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    Dirge of Cerberus(DoC) is another game added to the compilation of FF7. It stars Vincent Valentine and is set one year after the events of Advent Children (AC) and AC is set two years after the events of the original FF7 game.

    Btw, Advent Children Complete(ACC) is being released in Japan this year, April 16th. We should expect about a 30 minute extension of the movie. Plus, there are added stories to On the Way to Smile which originally included Case of Denzel, Case of Barret and Case of Tifa. These are short stories published with Advent Children: Limited edition. On the way to a Smile is a prologue to the movie AC, new cases being added for instance is Case of Red XIII. Those who did not read them might find the movie a bit hard to understand, but ACC should allow those who are not familiar with FF7 to enjoy the movie.

    A few new images on my sig. :p
  6. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    lol... havent you notice that the FFXIII versus is that the main guy has the combination of Vincent and Sepiroth... the only difference is that his hard more look like Sasuke hairstyle... XD

    but yeah i still love it.
  7. mintwix

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  8. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    that's what im about say...

    LOL it's because the FF13 is inspired from FF7...

    usually some of the characters are similar in FF7....

    have you notice the FF13 Agito? lots of similar faces too... ^_^
  9. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    That's b/c Nomura is the character designer for all the games we've mentioned here, including BC, CC, VIII, X, X-2, etc. Some fans have already been complaining that he should make his characters more distinct and original from each other...But idk, as long as they all look pretty and handsome. LULZ! :p
  10. mainhiathao

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    my brother likeFF 10.....
  11. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    yes, i do agree... however, Nomura also took the inspiration from the famous japanese actors/actresses, singers and bands... such as GACKT. i think the most suck of all FF... is the first one... plus, the movie "spirits within" is also a flap movie.

    lol... im currently addicted to FF13 versus and Agito right now... especially the versus.

    there's this typical forum of all fans of Sepiroth and Vincent... and the Yaoi version of them... and so the result of Vicent's and Sepiroth's facial features was the guy from FF13 versus... XD heeheehee
  12. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    I actually didn't like X for some reason. Despite the upgraded graphics and the first FF to have voice in dialogues.

    That's b/c Nomura actually personally favor Gackt as an musical artist. At least that's what I heard.

    Yes, the trailers are amazing...I still need to buy a PS3 though.

    Are you a yaoi fangirl too? :p
  13. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    lol... XD you can say that... XD hehehehe mmm... i like yaoi in manga... but with the animes... im kinda choosy... i prefer watching shounen-ai's than yaoi's.
  14. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    me either... huhuhuhu PS3.... i like playing RPG's than versus mode type of game... though im SOUL CALIBER fan. but i like playing SC at arcades coz there's a lot of guys out there.... XD LMAO
  15. mintwix

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    LULZ. I'm more strictly a fan of final fantasy than a fan of games in general tbh.
  16. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    hahaha... my friend and you will get along so much... she's the only friend that i always talk about PS2 games... from FF to Naruto... SC... TEKKEN... but when i got to visit her at their house... she's playing the FF... and she totally loves "VINCENT-SEPIROTH love team" LMAO :loool: she got me addicted to it, but i love Kadaj and Cloud... XD
  17. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    The thing is ... I'm actually not into yaoi like most other fangirls xD..kehe. Though let me tell you, most fangirls I know are Clack fans (Zack-Cloud) and if I were a yaoi fangirl, I'd ship Clack as well. I dare ask who do not see the chemistry between these two. Considering the standards some Cleriths use, Clack is canon. ;)
  18. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    though i like Kadaj-Cloud "couple". i love Sepiroth and Valentine more... ^_^ i just cant resist them though... XD
  19. aikoden

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    lol... how did yaoi get up in here lol.. haha...

    hmmm.. i like vincent n sephiroth couple..

    and of course cloud.. kadaj as well.. lol..

    n of course clack

    gosh i want a ps3....
  20. nikki1786

    nikki1786 LizQuen

    i want ps3 either lol... XD so while waiting for ps3... im just playing some rpg's XD

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