*Fanmade MV's


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Another TIKOB MV:


Still waiting for them to pair up forever...Cecilia I hope you don't mind I use your tag style.


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^Nancy, that's beautiful .. i'm loving all your kob/tik creations -- amazingly done.

Keep up the awesome work -- can't wait for more kob mv from you again.
*i don't mind you using the tag .. i'm glad you like this idea as well.



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MTEAM :dance3:
I thought this song by BIE matched them so much in PLR!^^ It went perfect with the scenes.

I had to share there cute moments during behind the scenes of TD. :cloud9: LOL, I couldn't resist making my own version of TD for MTEAM. Hehe^^

So far out of all my MV's for MTEAM, I have to say I'm most proud of this one since it I've shared most of MTEAM memories together during filming PLR and after here. :wub: I can't forget them, they've created sooo many memories for us! My fever keeps rising each day, LOL. :dance2:


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Finally finish one for BOY & MARGIE :wub:

My love for YADECH:


Thought I should share some of the MVs that I've made. I'm still new at it so it's not all that great T_T

My first MV ever made is of Pathapee & Cheraim (this one is the edited version due to the fact that I didn't like the original one I made of them. LOL) Mteam <3

My second MV is of Fai & Jeed's dance battle scenes! Every time I watch these scenes, it never fails to make me laugh and smile and all cheesing (mostly cus of the way Nadech moves his body/booty. LOL) YADECH <3

My third MV is made for a fan fic that I'm currently writing with Mark & Mint, Nadech & Yaya and Boy & Margie.


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Hi guys, just wanted to drop by and share my latest vid. A lot of Mteam vids. :D Here's one for Yadach's fan.

Same video, different hosting site since youtube is notorious for blocking.