Fanclub Ask Again! Lakorn, Jin Kim and Ananda


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Anonymous<3 said:
Translation (thanks to aiyaja):
Even though the lakorn has ended already, but the mood still really hasn’t ended for the leading couple who seem to have become quite close and intimate so quickly that we can’t help but secretly suspect if they’re both secretly having sparks (gook gik) off screen for Pra’ake Sir Ananda Everingham and Miss Hot Nang’ake Kim Kimberley who played in the lakorn, Seur, in the Luerd Mungkorn Series. They’ve become a slap kiss koojin, Joo Jim, where fans of the lakorn sleep and fin, pinching their pillows. Hence, has made the fanclub of both Ananda and Kimberley demand, wanting this couple to reunite in another lakorn again because they’re a leading couple who has the best chemistry. As for Kim’s real sweetheart and koojin on and off screen like Mark Prin, what will he say? Can he tolerate watching his sweetheart get kissed on the lips often? Yes or No? Miss Kimberley may have to consult Mark, personally, if the channel arranges for the pair Ananda and Kimberley to meet each other again because from what we know, even this lakorn, Mark still hasn’t even watched it yet. Or does he not dare watch his sweetheart get kissed instead? Hehe.
Gossipstar | May 1, 2015
Thanks for the wonderful new! I want a full lakorn of Ananberley because of 3 reason...
1. They are one natural couple full of chemistry
2. Suer filmed and felted like everything was rush to aired
3. Suer was too short
That my 3 reason why i want a new lakorn for Ananberley...and i want them with a good production too...yes, a picky fan right here. Now Mark need to be professional and leave reality to reality and work to work lol...


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Really wanna see Ananberley again! Suer was a bit too boring for me but they were hecka hot together. If it wasnt for them I wouldnt even go back to finish it. Wanna see them in a movie, both of them have the skills to be in a movie together. I'm thinking something like Pee Mak. Romantic , Scary, and exciting.