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lol, out of the rape scenes i seen so far, i think the worst one was Pepper and Anne BUT, it wasn't really REALLY bad either so perhaps i just haven't seen enough, loool! i think it had something to do with the angles they were filming Pepper and Anne too, lol

i don't know, but wasn't it something like Thai culture like to preserve woman's purity so they won't have a 'Willing' scene if p'ek and n'ek aren't married so the closest would be rape... :mellow: I read something like that, lol... i don't know if this is good or not, but i've become used to the whole rape theme in lakorn and it's not surprising...it actually adds some action to the lakorn, lol...besides, it's obviously fake and most of the time it's just the guy burying his face in the girl's neck...lol, maybe i should check out the Johny and Namfon one that's so famous...
Yep! I said the same thing before. Thai people always like to portray their nang'eks as sweet, innocent, and pure. So in order to loose it, it has to always come down to rape. It's so funny how all nang'eks are virgins! lol. But then we never know about the p'eks and their business. hahaha. lol.

I think Chakrit and Angie Hastings r-scene in Bow See Chompoo was decent. It wasn't too real, and it wasn't too fake. It was kinda sad because Chakrit treated her more of like a one night stand. She woke up and he was gone. But then again, Angie's character in there was suppose to be a gold-digger but yet she thinks she can get rich guys money without using her body. I was like "well, you know rich guys only want one thing. And you're stupid if you think you can get their money without having to pay them back somehow." But it was still a good drama. :)

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Jam Loey Rak, shows just Aum on top of Aff, then sniffing her neck, then the camera just goes to the floor, next day, Aff is naked and Aum is outside drinking coffee.

Jao Sao Ban Rai, just Por coming out of the bathroom and Namfon covered in cloth, if there was no audio i would think Namfon was wearing a strange party dress and Por buttoning up his shirt cause he just took a shower. and they were heading out to a party.

Sai Yai Saward, i couldn't tell if it was a rape scene, Stephan and Kob were both dressed. Took me awhile to get that it was a rape scene.

Mere Jum Pen, nothing to say, it was just too fake.