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jamespoo said:
does anybody know if there vcd movies they sell are bootleg copys or genuine copies?
as i like to buy vcd but only genuine copies
They are genuine. It's the original I asure you that. Unless they say that it's copied or recorded from tv, then it's original. :)


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I recently ordered the Lhor Maak Maak (I hope I spelled it right) Concert DVD along with other James Ji paraphernalia  :lol: Well, it all arrived in one piece, and everything worked fine. Although I didn't think the concert dvd box was that small. I was expecting it to be bigger. but anyway, that's beside the point. 
I was a bit dismayed to find out though that the items I bought were more than twice its value (since the dvds have the suggested retail price printed in the box) but no matter, I understand that shipping inter-country can really be expensive. 
Another surprise was that despite the ... well...  :secret:
underdeclaration of the value of the stuff you order
I still got taxed locally. the shipper (in my case, DHL) said I had to pay a certain amount before they would turn over the goods to me upon delivery. It wasn't a measly amount, it was almost 20% of the purchase price so you guys have to watch out for that too. I was told that other companies like YesAsia avoided that local tax and my friend who had been ordering stuff from YesAsia for many years told me that she never had the same problem as I did. 


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Really? ^^ I've been ordering most of my Thai items from Ethaicd for the past 6-7 years and I've never had that happen to me before. You should message them, Ethaicd, about it. They're usually nice about it if you talk it out with them. :)
As for the price, I usually try to suck it up just because a lot of the stuff goes out of stock and is no longer sold. Besides, I can't specifically get any of the things I want from where I live, so I usually take the risk even though it hurts both my bank account and me internally. LOL 

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I like Ethaicd. The only thing I don't like is that they are expensive but international shipping is pretty expensive so I can see why it costs so much. Though they've tried to reach out to me and sell me Mark Prin's photobook for $100 US and that was a hard pass for me. As much of a fan as I am, a hundred bucks for a book is ridiculous.

I've bought from them for a couple of years now and I've never had an issue, I've bought about 40 magazines so far and the Likit Ruk and Rak Nakara photobooks. It is pretty easy to contact them and the latest they have gotten back to me was about 3 days. I wish I bought from them sooner back when magazines were still a thing in Thailand and my collection would have been bigger. Now sadly lakorn magazines are no longer being made. I wanted some stuff from Pappayorn Bunterng and Ethaicd didn't have it on their site and I asked them to buy it for me from Pappayorn Bunterng site and they ordered for me. It was pretty costly but I managed to get all of Mark Prin's magazines so I'm pretty pleased. I've paid $50 CAD for Weir and Bella's Preaw magazine and that's the most I've paid for a magazine but I'm such a big Weir fan that I had to suck it up.

I'm pretty sure they can find any lakorn for you as well. I always search extensively for a lakorn I want and if it is impossible to find or the quality is bad, I email them and all 3 times they've found the lakorn for me, which is a shock because I wanted such an obscure lakorn like Superb Buroot Salum with Num Kanchai and May Fuengarom and they actually found it. Their lakorn quality is pretty good. I bought Game Ruk Payabard with Captain and Aom and for a 90's lakorn, it was pretty clear. If you need an old lakorn and can't find one, I'd recommend that you email them, there is a very high chance they'll get their hands on it for you. It's just that it is a little bit costly. If you live in the US, it's probably better because you don't have to deal with exchange rates.

The packages take quite a bit of time to arrive to my home in Canada, this is even before Covid-19. With regular airmail, the fasted I've received an order was about a month. Pre-Covid the longest I've had to wait was about 3 months. I've bought a lakorn just at the start of lockdown in late Feb and it just came in late October. This of course is not the fault of Ethaicd but more with delivery but it is just a reference for those who are curious. They do express shipping with DHL but I do not recommend it. DHL has a lot of hidden fees and on the day of delivery they'll shoot you up with an email demanding payment. So whenever they offer me free express shipping, I don't take it.

So yeah, a lot of my pay checks from working retail part time when I was in uni was spent on this website LOL.
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If you're wondering about getting a missing disc or wrong lakorn...

So I bought an old lakorn from them a couple of months ago and when I put it on, the first disc was labelled wrong and it wasn't the first episode. I tried all the discs and it still wasn't there. I immediately emailed them and I waited for about a week without a response. I emailed again and it took them about 2 weeks to respond to me. They then finally sent me another disc set (free of charge) that had the correct episodes. This whole experience was a little panic inducing since they took so long to respond. I'm glad they fixed things for me or else I would definitely stop buying from this website.