Duj Fah Rai Dao


sarNie Hatchling
I did watch this movie a while back....but still vague. Was it she that hit someone with the car...or him? I think they fought alot..didn't get along. Ah...I know I saw this move, but teh storyline I can't remember.


sarNie Hatchling
Yeah...one of my faves too sarn even though it to end to drag towards the end lolz! I think you know why its one of our faves! :wub: This was the first lakorn I seen Ratipong played as a playboy type ahehe...all his other ones were comedy...too bad he doesn't play p'ek role anymore!


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
omg....when i first watch this lakorn ..i was soo in love with it...i like it alots...although she aint all that pretty.....=)...i like the storyline...


sarNie Juvenile
I love this lakorn. It aired when I was in thailand back in 2000. I remember all of my cousins, my sisters and I were all glued to the TV and didn't want to do anything until it finished. Yep, P'ek was the one who hit her sister with his car and there was a lot of fights with n'ek and her step mom.


sarNie Elites
lol not one but 2 willing scene and a baby.. def your type of fav lakorn eh sarn! lol


sarNie Elites
One of my favorite lakorn also..I love how the n'ek is kinda psycho especially toward the stepmom and the p'ek sometime


sarNie Elites
i remember watching this before but i cant seem to remember what its about despite the short summaries above......anyone want to expand on it?? lol but yeah no wonder this is one of sarn's many favorite lakorns....


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OH GOSH..i hvaen't seen this one yet..but it sure is intereting..i can't wait til sarn upload it..i wish it's everyday..but oh well..friday and saturday is better than not seeing it..thanks sarn..my kind oflakorn too..^^


sarNie Granny
nk get crazy in dis lakorn tooo hahhhahaa he slap her and she slap him den back slap lollll


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hihih..that's cool..i like that kind of n'ek..50/50..

but crazy?..did she went sycho on him then?...can't wait to see the baby girl..:lol:

btw..he's pretty good looking too...what other lakorns did he do..cuz i swore..i saw him somwhere before beside here..


sarNie Adult
he was also p'ek in yor praklin ( i think). . and also in modern lakorns but not as p'ek. . dang. . i've been trying to get the title to this lakorn. . now i gots it. .


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^thanks untinnu..no wonder i was like..i saw him..he's in boran lakorn..:lol:..but oh well..i think he's pretty good looking in yor praklin (the new verson..i hate the old version p'ek.. ;) )

anyway...friday seem like forever .. :wavecry: