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  1. anan

    anan sarNie Adult

    My uncle & aunt love watching thai lakorn,,, and 2 years ago, i managed to convince them to switch to Linux, because i got tired to fix virus/spywares/slow computer etc... with Windows XP...

    They are pretty happy using that to surf on the Internet, and watch thai lakorn on etc... until they want to watch thai lakorn on and it DOESN'T WORK @ all !!!

    .... and when you click on their link "You need Windows Media Player Plugin"

    ... it asked you to download & install a programme for Windows whilst i am on Linux !!!

    If it was on a Mac, the result would be the same too: You can't watch thai tv on their website !!!

    I tried to cheat dootv website by changing my Firefox as IE (useragent), it doesn't work either... dammnit!

    but i found a way around to hack it... I think i have to create a firefox add-on to enable video on for this kind of website....
    After SubSonic, another small project for the week-end :p

    Ahh lala, what wouldn't we do to make our family happy... ^_^
  2. Angel2008

    Angel2008 sarNie Egg

    I play on internet explore and the movie just popup after I pick the movie that I want to watch. And working just fine too on mozilla firefox. Maybe you didn't have adobe flash? that why doesn't work?
  3. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult


    Anan is using Linux not windows so he can't use that ;)

    Anan, would Wine work in your situation?
  4. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    i also run wine for google sketch in ubuntu, but haven't tried anything for wmplayer yet. let me know if it works. even with my google sketch, i'm having a hard time getting the pro version on. so let me know how it goes, since i do plan on setting up a linux system to simply play for my grandpa at one point or another.
  5. anan

    anan sarNie Adult

    Some ppl. just design their website to work only on 1 environment like Windows XP/Vista/7 with Internet Explorer or Firefox... They don't think about other ppl. who use Mac (Apple) or Linux. :arrg:

    Hehe,,, You are right that we can install it with Wine, but Unfortunately i don't have & don't use Wine on my machine.
    I think that would be too slow & heavy... because you have to install firefox, windows media player, + their windows media player for firefox plugin... Pheeewww,,,
    And assuming that it works: my uncle or aunt has to start Wine >> then start Firefox within Wine... ouchhh,,, not very user-friendly all that....:scratchchin:

    Guess what ?? I just finished it !!! :yahoo: , need to find a nice icon & clean up a little bit the source code before release this plugin on Firefox Add-ons directory :dance1:, i hope i can count on you for the test ^_^

    Time to go to bed now ...
  6. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    Unfortunately, techies like me rarely think about the end users ;)

    But its really cool whatcha doing Anan. Giving back to the community ;)
  7. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    nerds. :whatever:
  8. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    Hey Anan,

    Are you going to write this up on your blog?

    You think you might able to duplicate one for our tuts? ;)

    I know most members won't have any use for it but I thought it might be interesting it have it there ;)

    I'll start writing some tech articles myself.. eventually lol :cheer:
  9. anan

    anan sarNie Adult

    I am not,,, lol,,, maybe obstinate sometimes.... :p
    Darvil maybe is.

    I will post a small tutorial here for our Sarnies (even for the rare ones) who might be interested in watching thai lakorn with Linux :D
  10. anan

    anan sarNie Adult

  11. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    awesome. i'm down to be a tester. but honestly i probably won't get to this until winter vacay comes around. this is great anan. thnx buddy.

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