Donut is Single Again, Too Attached to Herself; Not Fated to Love


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Translated from Gossipstar:
Donut is Single Again, Too Attached to Herself; Not Fated to Love

She is an all around talented person. Donut Manatsanun is another woman who seems to be perfect in every aspect. However, her love life doesn't seem to be flourishing as much as her current work life. Recently, Donut came out to admit that she had already stopped speaking to the man she was talking to from outside of the ET industry.
"Recently, I'm more focused on work than dating. I don't have much time to be lonely or think about other things that do not pertain to work. I am also the producer and director of my own lakorn production so I don't have the time to think about having a boyfriend. I stopped speaking with the man from outside of the ET industry already. It didn't work out so I decided that it's better to just stop talking to each other. I feel as though I'm not suited to be in a relationship. I'm not ready to have someone come take care and look after me. I'm only focused on work right now. Work has been very busy lately so I don't know when I'll have time to feel lonely or want a boyfriend. Some people might wonder if I'm too attached to myself. I don't think so because I've always been like this. It's not like I just suddenly became like this. I feel happy because my household isn't pressuring me to date or get married. My mother is happier that I don't have a boyfriend. She says that I seem happier single than when I was in a relationship. If I were to date someone new, they'd also have to understand my lifestyle around work as well because right now, work is a very important priority in my life. I also haven't met anyone who is compatible with me. There's no one. Honestly, I'm not in a rush to have anyone. My friends are worried about me. They wonder why I always go places alone. Am I okay? But I would tell them that I am fine. Honestly, being like this is better."  

I can really relate to Donut. I'm the same way right now. People keep asking me why I'm still single or why I'm always alone, but I chose to be this way. Lol. I'm more focused on school and finding the perfect career path. I'm not ready to be in a relationship. I'm actually happier single than when I'm dating. Unlike Donut, I am very attached to myself and like to have my quality time. Haha. I don't want to start sharing my life with someone yet. I don't quite get how couples always have to see each other everyday. I get sick of it and need my space. Lol. I guess I just haven't found the right person yet. There's literally no one out there for me like Donut has said. I'm probably not fated to love either. Haha. Her answers were on point with how my life currently is. 


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Donut has been single for a good 4 months or so, just that the guy isn't well known so people didn't wonder. I love her because she is so humble and very worldly. She's the type that dreams a lot but will work hard to fullfil that dream. I thought she was Ananda's perfect girl and vice versa but they are way too much a like that it just couldn't work. She's one of the few i met and admired.


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she is very down to earth. it surprised me when she and ananda didnt last. but being single aint bad. donut is a beautiful person inside and out.


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I love Donut to bits <3 She has so much going on for her future right now and I am very proud of her. She is an artistic and inspirational role model to me. Btw. I freaking love her IG! :)   
I, too can relate in someways. I've been single all my life and I do believe it's because I am too attached to myself and my family. As of now, I am also focusing on finishing school/career path. And I am not ready to have someone take care of me lol Seeing Donut's success inspires me even more <3


I guess we all can relate too her. Haha. The only difference is I get a lot if pressure from my family. Haha.

Her and Ananda were a very photogenic pair. I love Ananda, but I'm actually happy they broke up. Donut deserves someone better. Hehe. Ananda has gone through many gals in the industry and he doesn't seem to be husband type material, so it was a good thing.


sarNie OldFart
Haha. ..I can also relate. mom ask me why don't I have a bf but then she remembered I have dogs hehe they are my SOULMATES ^.^


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Took the words right out of my mouth, Mahalo. 
I enjoy my single life, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Yes, okay there may be times when I would feel lonely but when I think about it I actually enjoy my single life. It's what makes! lol I like guys, but I would still rather choose to be single just because I know that I still have so much more ahead of me that I have yet to achieve or experience. I'm still young and inexperience, so I'm not impatient nor am I in a rush with my love life. I can wait. I know that it may get just a bit harder to find a spouse later on in life after I graduate college, which is in like a year (lol), but I'm not afraid of what could happen. I'm confident with myself, and I trust my God with my future. :) Sometimes love can wait. There's no need to rush into being in a relationship. Sometimes people just have different priorities. I put my faith, family, and my education above everything else. Even friends! lol Being attached to yourself isn't bad either. I'm pretty attached to myself and my family. Nothing beats family love.