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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by kulyia, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    Takeshi is gayy? i really hope not.=[ Which actors do you think is gay too? They dont have to be Japanese.
  2. AmmatureKikyo

    AmmatureKikyo sarNie Adult

    Why do you think that??? :mellow: Well, some guys just like to take care of themselves. In other word, they're just "Metrosexual".. ^_^ ...I can't really tell who's gay or not, but from wat I have seen, alot of the Japanese guys tend to have close bonding with their friends, like they like to hug, hold hands, etc...if guys does it here, first word that comes to our mind is "Gay"...anyways, I don't have anything against it..

    By the way are you referring to Takeshi that starred in House of Flying Daggers alongside with Andy Lau..??
  3. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    Yes that hot guy. hes really HANDSOME adorable sweet in there espicially getting the flowers and protecting her. Its not that, but hes been in media for YEARS and not one single girlfriend anywhere.uknow.

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