Do you believe in Angels???


sarNie Adult
...i'm curious how many ppl believe in angels or if they believe some greater force protects them!!!

i have my stories some very recent... i believe something keeps me out of trouble but i can't figure out why... i'm not a religious man but i know i've been lucky somedays...
a few recent things have happened to make my friends believe i have an angel watching over me... there was the time i got robbed in BKK and got my self to my room after i was drugged... then i met someone temporary who helped me out of another jam... last weekend my vehicle died and would not start so i had to sleep at a friends house... i had my vehicle checked out and nothing was wrong with it... yeah i had a bit to drink maybe it was good my vehicle did not start---lol--- well this past weekend i was out with friends and they asked me if i was ok to drive and i said i was... i fell asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete baracade at maybe 80mphr and my sportrack spun around waking me up and i flew of the roud into some trees...i was stuck real bad but some how i was able to drive up onto the road and make it home... i thought about it and realize i had a warning twice in the last three weeks... i've learned i can't push my limits any more... i will cut back...for the first time i realized i could have died... my friend who let me drive said i must have an angel watching over me!!!

...i have many similar stories and maybe i will post them... i've been lucky and i realize it today!!!i'm alive!!! :) :) :) :) :)


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I gave birth to an angel----my daughter.

And yes.. I believe in angels. They hovered over my baby when she was in the NICU. And they comforted me when I was in a dark place surrounded by shadows and demons.


sarNie Adult
i do believe that something/someone watches over me and my family. it must have been at least 10 years ago when we went on a fishing trip. on our way back, it must have been like at least 11 pm, our car got stuck. we were in the middle of no where. everywhere you turned, it was dirt. my dad tried to get the car out, but no luck. all of a sudden, an elderly couple who must have been in there 60s drove by and stopped to see if we needed help. they offered to get us to the nearest phone booth, but we were kind of scared of talking to strangers. but they stayed to help. next thing you know, a truck with 2-3 guys in their 20s stops and tries to help. one of the guys decided to drive back home which was probably 20 minutes away. he returned with chains and was able to pull out our car. to this day, i think they were sent to watch over us. i remember coming home that night and praying and giving thanks to the people who helped.

another incident was with my older brother. he was in iraq in a vehicle unit talking to his 'brothers'. his best friend was outside the unit along with several others. all of a sudden, a suicide bomber attacked killing nearly everyone outside the unit. for whatever reason that got my brother into that vehicle, it saved his life.


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I'm an angel in disguise...


seriously though, I believe in them...they're always there to protect me from any harm :)


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I do not believe in Angels. Not in the sense that they are portrayed as in movies/television/books/church. Human-like. It is unrealistic, that if Angels were to guide the human race, then why look like us. We are pretty pitiful in the natural world of survival.

What I believe in, is this. I don't want to use the word Angels in term with these things for they are nothing like the "typical" Angels.

They are neutral in every way. They do not guide a person in a certain path. They do not judge nor think. What they do is provide company and support. Whether it is committing suicide, or just having a totally crappy day at work, they exist to share to bring a little of contentment. They do not have shape, do not speaks, nor have a physical form. They do not exist in this plane but rather exist in your soul and mind. They are not here all the time, only when you need them the most. They are something we create from soul for comfort and therefore we will never be able to recognize it.

Every human being is different, and thus, we have different level in which we can be broken. It is when we are in that place of despair, that they'll pop into existence and try to mend the cracks. Scars and holes will forever be left behind, but then we can move forward to live and break again. And they will still be there.

That is what I believe and it is something I will forever continue to believe in for there is no one who knows you best, than yourself.




I'm sorry if I talks in circle or contradict myself in anyway...but this is the best that I can really write about what they are to me.