DJ Push Admits Being Distant from Girlfriend, It is Better to be a Workaholic


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Translated Article from Sanook
DJ Push Admits Being Distant from Girlfriend, It is Better to be a Workaholic

There goes another couple whose relationship appears to be on the rocks. DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin and his girlfriend Ann, who is not a part of the entertainment industry, have been dating for over 4 years. Recently, Push attended Nescafe Dolce Gusto's event and revealed that he and his girlfriend have become distant from one another for a little over a month now. The cause is due to his busy work schedule. Push does not have the same amount of time to take care of Ann as before. In addition, Push states that if in the future they are unable to adjust to one another's lifestyle, they will probably have to prepare themselves to accept their final fate as a couple. 
What kind of projects are you working on right now?
The filming for Roy Leh Sanae Rai is almost done. It will probably air in the middle of the year. I also have the Ugly Duckling Series to film which involves the collaboration of Channel 25 GMM krap. After Songkran (New Year), I will probably have the opening ceremony for another lakorn which will be a remake.
How do you manage your time with this much work?
I have to admit that it's very difficult. When I do have free time, I don't usually use that time to rest. I would use it to go to the gym and exercise.
Have you ever had time management problems before this since you have so many lakorns to film now?
Honestly, I've always been able to manage my time well. That's why this wasn't always a major problem for me.
What about your love life? How is your relationship right now?
Well, as you know, I've been very busy with work lately so I haven't had the chance to see Ann as much. The time we have to speak to each other has also decreased for about two to three months now.
Wouldn't Ann be upset about this?
She probably is upset because I've been extremely busy with work. I always tell her that I'll be needing some time to focus on work, which is filming lakorns. I give her the exact dates to which filming will probably be done. 
After this, will you find time to resolve things with Ann by taking her out to spend some quality time?
As of right now, I still don't have the time krap. But when I am free, I use that time for myself to rest. 
Do you think she understands the burden of your schedule?
Honestly, we have had problems pertaining to our conflicting schedules. It is similar to the saying that the time in our lives has gone in separate directions.
Are you worried about this being a prolonged problem?
If this continues to be a problem, we will probably have to accept it for what it is because we've tried our best for the relationship. Therefore, if one day I realize that I cannot take good care of her, I'll probably have to stop and reconsider my actions to figure out what I actually want in life.
How long have the two of you been distant?
It's been a little more than a month that we've stopped speaking to each other as much as before.
Do you consider this as lowering the status of your relationship?
We haven't lowered our status to that extent.
In the past, if she does not have enough time for you, were you ever upset with her?
A majority of the time we would talk it out with one another. However, if we've already spoken to each other but the other still doesn't understand, it's kind of a waste of time.
Many people suspect that a third person is involved.
There is no third person involved. Right now, I am only focused on working. I don't have time to take interest in any special person. I don't even have time to see my parents.  



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i felt that really and not shocked at all , this is something happen everyday ,it seem that they know their relationship reach to final destination and need make wise choice for their relationship ,  maybe they return as lovely couple  after clear misunderstandings it seem there is something in the air between push and ann ,i read since while that push and ann one of couples that maybe break up in the future  because influence of popularity, when i read i though that it is just rumor but now more like really , but very wrong tht fans relate between  jui break up and push issue even they are true and push breakup with ann , does not mean that he will be with jui in the future , even i wish push and jui become real couple 


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Jui is suspected of being a third hand in their relationship, but she just gave an interview denying it. She and Push are close but not to the point where they would share their personal problems with each other. She and her ex-boyfriend are still keeping in touch with one another. He sends her flowers and gifts to congratulate her when she wins awards, but Jui and him are still not getting back together. She is not talking to anyone right now and wants to remain single for a bit. She needs time to herself. She doesn't want to be involved with Push's business when she herself needs to figure out her own situation. In addition, there was news of a man from outside of the industry courting her by sending her flowers. However, he no longer does. Jui is not yet ready to open her heart up to anyone. Her and Push will be starring in another lakorn through Jeab's production. This was already planned since Fun Fueng aired. Jeab was just waiting for their lakorn que to clear up.


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Aww thanks Mahalo. I knew it! Knew they would blame Jui just like how they blamed Vill for his problems with her(his gf) the last time which caused her (his gf) to quit her flight attendance job and took a job at his radio station. Now that Jui broke up with her bf, they'll link it even more. Smh


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Aw tummai na push? Sad to see that relationships of the majority celebs are so shortlived, beautiful and long lasting relationships are so rare and hard to find. Still adore Push as actor though heh


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Brief translation of interview from Sanook

It's official. Push confirmed being single. He broke up with his girlfriend 3 months ago. It was a mutual  break up. No third hand was involved. Since his former girlfriend isn't from the entertainment circle, he doesn't want to talk too much about why they broke up. It's not fair that he gets to publicly provide an explanation while she doesn't. He wants to give her the respect she deserves. The reporter asked why he doesn't seem upset? Push said he was pretty upset about it because they've been dating for 5 years. If they were to ask him about it 3 months ago, he'd probably tear up about it. It has nothing to do with him becoming more famous. That shouldn't be a factor in why they decided to break up. They just have different lifestyles and goals. His heavy work schedule also added to the problem. They've tried their best.
As for a future relationship with Jui, he doesn't know. When they see each other, they talk to each other normally as friends. Is she his type? He doesn't have a type. People have created a fan page for the two, but he sees it as a normal fan page. It'll die down once he comes out with a new lakorn. It's better to just wait until he meets someone who makes him happy and is fun to talk to.


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ho!! they broke up?
I think he and Jui are cute onscreen. I would be okay and perhaps adore them if they become real life couple! haha


sarNie Hatchling
Sigh 5 years down the drain. It's ok everything happens for a reason. That reason being he should hook up with Jui. Ok seriously, I want that but it's on them lol.


Mrs James Ma
More I think about Push dating Jui, I feel awkward. I wanted them to date before but now Idk how to feel if they really become couple. Push is becoming protective about her everyday, now Jui is the closest person he talks to most, so I think they will date as they get to spend more time together cos of their new lakorn Game Darika. He also said that age is just number, ready to date senior if they are understanding :phew:
I always thought he was just flirting, nothing serious lol


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Just rereading push's answers and how it sounds so awfully familiar and typical of celebs who have new found fame.

All of a sudden no time for each other, all of sudden we still have feelings towards each other but we cant stay together, all of a sudden our personalities dont match, all of a sudden we cant resolve our differences.......


Mrs James Ma
Ikr. Ann tried her best to save their relationship by changing her job so she can stay near him, she was the one who loved him when he was not a celebrity. Push disappointed me in this lol