did anyone watch Oprah today?


RIcky Martin have such good heart by building houses for the Tsunami victims thailand. OMG IM in love with him all over again. :D

Just two weeks after the tsunami struck South Asia in January 2005, Ricky Martin traveled to one of the most devastated areas in Thailand. Ricky was stunned by the similarities he witnessed between the aftermaths of the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. "It was reliving everything," he says.

After his life-changing journey to meet tsunami survivors, Ricky shared his story on the show—and his personal pledge to bring relief. "My mission is—with the help of the world—to build 600 homes for 600 children."


sarNie Adult
aww i missed it!...but yea he does have a realli good heart...i hope there are more ppl like him in the world todai..bc we certainly need a good role model out there...those 600 children will be forever greatful!

Muddie Murda

omg that's sooo sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a human being, that's so sweet...

as a singer....(whoa he's still around? LOL) T_T sorry....


WOW,600 home?

Thats alot of homes there. He is so kind. THats very nice of him. NOt many rich peoples are like him. Hard to find one.


yeah i watched it.. gosh i know... the guy is so kind and he's looking skinnier and better... good for him!

it was touching when he gave the first lady her house... it wasn't a child but she lost all of her family from that tragic event... and she was really grateful.

but the other part of that show just freaks me out with kids like a little over 5 being a part of sex trafficing...what has this world become of? sex victims and predators thats it?