Dao Pra Sook


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hey ! i found an english translation of Dao Pra Sook 's song ! Credit: http://www.geocities.com/maybeyourmp3/

Dow Pra Sook- [Theme Song by Saranya]

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Keun Nee pen Keun Deuan Raem
[Tonightis the moon less night]
Mong Na-pa Mai Jaem Lae A-raem Kae Seang Dara
[It's so dark, I can see only the star light]
Dow Sai Yu Plai Fark Fa
[The star is bright on the end of the sky]
Saeng Jaem Neur Moen Dara
[It's brighter than the other stars]
Pen Tang Dow Fa Dow Jai {Repeat}
[it's the star of sky and heart]

Daung Aey Daung Jai Mae Ja
[Inside my heart]
Mae Meun Kon Pen Ba
[I'm like a crazy person]
Srang Luk Khed Klab Ting Luk Bai
[I give my daughter life but leave her by herself]
Yarm Luk Norn Luk Ja Dai Krai
[Who is going to take care of her when she sleeps]
Choy Kord Choy Pad Wee Hai
[Hugging her and giving her protection]
Yarm Hew Toe Krai Ja Born {Repeat}
[Who is going to feed her when she is hungry]

Mae Ru Man Pen Kram Wen
[I know that it's my sin]
Tae Proa Kwarm Jam Pen
[But I have my necessity]
Mae Tong Hak Kwarm Rak Aworn
[THat I have to leave my love alone]
Chan Chor Proa Kwarm Jai Oon
[I made a mistake because I was so weak]
Deud Rorn Teung Chao Daung Jai {Repeat}
[So I make m daughter's life so miserable]

Kor A-Thid-Tarn Jai Wa Ja
[I would ike to make a wish]
Tang Cheu Luk Kong Mae Wa
[Giving her name]
Dow Pra Sook Sood Saen AM Pai
[As "Venus" that is shinning on the sky]
Ja Rearn Roong Reung Dang Dow Prow Sai
[WHish you to have a bright future as the shinning star]
Kor Fark Fa Choy Pong Pai
[The sky, please taking are of her]
Chuay Liang Luk Wai Taen Mae {Repeat}
{Please raise her for me}


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Dow Pra Sook -
(Ending Song by Num)

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Took Tone Tao Rai Tae Dow Kor Yang Pen Dow
(No matter how terrible, a star is still a star)

Ron Rone Lae Neb Now Kor Yang Sagow Sod Sai
(It's still shining even the weather hot or cold)

Proa Kon Ja Dee Tong Dee Tee Nai Hua Jai
(Human has to be good from inside)

Rai Raeng Sak Piang Nai Hai Jai Man Kong Mai Tong Klua
(No matter how harm is, don't worry, just keep your heart strong )

Bard Jeb Lome Long Piang Chua Kwao Mai Wan Wai
(Wound is just temporarily, don't be shaken )

Tuk Yiad Tuk Yarm Tao Rai Mai Kaey Yorm Pae
(No matter how other insulting, don't give up )

Jeb Ma Tao Rai Mai Tor Jai
(Don't give up just because of hurting)

Su Bai Sak Wan Kong Dai Dee
(Just keep fighting, it will be better someday)

Hark Jai Nan Mai Lobe Nee
(If the heart doesn't escape)

Yang Mee Wan Tee Som Jai
(There is still a shining day)

Ja Pen Eak Raeng Koy Choy Tur
(I will be your guild)

Hai Jur Kab Wan Tee Ying Yai
(Toward finding the great day)

Hai Kwarm Fan Tur Sod Sai
(Making your dream so bright)

Sa Warng Sa Wai Chen Dow
(Like the shining star)



sarNie Granny

Kae Rak...Kor Por [Dow Pra Sook Ending Song by Kob]

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Kep Bang Sing Yu Nai Jua Jai
[I have kept some feeling inside my heart]
Keb Man Yu Nai Jai Took Wan
[It's inside everyday]
Nan Keu Kwarm Rak Kwarm Puk Pan
[It's love and bounding]
Tee Chan Mee Tor Tur
[That I have toward you]

Yark Ja Bork Hai Ter Kow Jai
[I want you to understand me]
Yark Ja Bork Kwarm Nai Mur Jur
I want to tell you this secret when I meet you]
Tae Tong Keb Wai Mai Ard Plur
[But I have to hide the feeling]
Aey Wa RAk Tur Ork Pai
[Not to say that I love you]

Klua Kwarm Jing Pen Piang Rak Ter Karng Diaw
[I'm afraid that I have a one-side love affair]
Klua Wa Tur Mai Kaey Sone Jai
[I'm afraid that you don't care about me]
Pen Kwarm Lab Tee Tong Keb Wai Pai Nai
[So it will be my internal secret]
Nai Duang Jai Daung Neung Tee Mee
[From the only heart I have]

Aeb Mong Yu Klai Klai Took Wan
[I have secretly kept an eye on you everday]
Aeb Mong Yu Yarng Nan Took Tee
[I keep doing it all the time]
Sook Jai Por Laew Piang Tow Nee
[I feel very happy by doing that]
Tee Dai Rak Tur Kor Por
[Just let me love you]



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You know there's also another song that was played in the drama, "Roy Rao" (I think that's how you spell it), sung by Mam Patcharida. It was the first song thai song that I fell in love with. Now if you could find the lyrics/translations to that song it would be super!


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can someone upload the major theme...the first song? thank you kindly.