Dan D2B


sarNie Egg
Has anyone heard any news on him as of yet??? As to what he's going to do now... I'm so excited I know there should be some news on him soon.. Please share... :p


sarNie Egg
There are various news that I've heard, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

1. Dan & Num Gunchai are going to open up a production company together
2. Dan is going to move to SONY BMG
3. Dan's going to be directing a lakorn starring Oil Thana and Bow (she looks sorta like Paula Taylor...sorry don't know her last name, but not Buachompoo Ford or Beam's sister) - supposedly the script was already sent out to Bow


sarNie Egg
man i miss him to. but he say in his dandiary website hes gonna tell us everything in 4 months which he wrote a month ago or somethin so hes gonna b back for next year