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  1. brokebranch

    brokebranch sarNie Egg

    Anyone know to stop or get rid of a curse. I believe someone has put a curse on my parents and I want to know any ways to help them.
  2. chouakim

    chouakim TTFC♥

    Uhm, that sounds pretty bazaar. Wouldn't you have to go to someone elder for that?
    Sorry to your parents. :/
  3. brokebranch

    brokebranch sarNie Egg

    Because that someone is a relative my parents don't want to start any shits, but I can't just sit back and do nothing. I'm don't want to reverse it but just stop it.
  4. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    Hmm...interesting. :D May I know what curse it is? Just curious. Um, have you gone to meet with a shaman? Someone far and doesn't know your family or relatives (may seem impossible :p). Try one of the younger shamans...they probably will gossip less haha
  5. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    I don't know how to stop it but from what I know and believe, even if people curse you. If you do good things, the bad won't get to you but if you do bad things, then yes it will. :) So don't worry about it.

    btw did your parents do something to the person who cursed your parents? people just don't curse out of the blue. jw.
  6. Sherrie

    Sherrie sarNie Adult

    Did your parents offend your relative so your relative cursed them? If they didn't offend your relatives, then I guess you can send the curse back to the one who started said it. I think you can do that, I'm not sure.
  7. candi

    candi sarNie Juvenile

    If your parents are good people then the curse will go back to the one who send the curse. How do they know they are cursed?
  8. nkaujhmoob08

    nkaujhmoob08 sarNie Adult

    If you were righteous and kind from the beginning while that person is cursing on you, then that curse will twist back at that person.
    But it depends unless the curse isn't that bad but if it turn out so big, yeah that person could possibly either get it or not so goodluck finding your research
  9. brokebranch

    brokebranch sarNie Egg

    I can't say too much. But, they took something from my family that they know my parents won't agree to. But we can't do anything about it. They can't get their way so they are doing curses to disturbed my parents, but my parents are old and weak.

    That family is full of shaman and most importantly the one that's casting the curse study's from monks.

    This one time they described how it feels when a curse is put on you. So when my parents described the feeling that's how we knew.

    Plus my family kind old tradition so my sisters know a little
  10. akawhat

    akawhat sarNie Hatchling

    So is it kind of like khawv koob then?
  11. brokebranch

    brokebranch sarNie Egg

    Yea it is
  12. yaksoh

    yaksoh sarNie Juvenile

    i'm not sure how to really help
    cuz u say that u can't say much of the curse
    but if this works
    to stop the curse: say the relative(s) name
    say that u pray to feed his/her/their soul(s) to a demon

    if it works: heinous incidents will occur, but u pay the consequences later on
    cuz nothing is given free

    if not: then u and ur family will have to live w/ the curse as it is

    a Cambodia friend taught me this, but i've never tried it cuz i'm not that series yet
  13. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    i have never heard of khawv koob that can be send to bother people, only in movies though and i don't know if they exist in reality but i guess they do.

    why wont your parents go find a shaman to help you guys. ones who know how to do khawv koob too.

    people in this world is very cruel. watch out all.
  14. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    wow..this freakin suck..for me..and wat i have known
    you cant send back the curse unless you truely know who did it.
    and if the curse stays longer than maybe a week or
    could be too late to send it back. but im sure their will be some better
    shaman out there that can help out..
  15. poohmoua

    poohmoua sarNie Egg

    You need to find someone who knows black magic to wife has been under a spell by my mother in law, ive been trying to find someone to help an its frustrating cause all my so called friends turn their backs on on my own, nobody seems to want to get involve so I dont care, doing this on my own, time to find some real friends in the process too.
  16. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I wish i could help, but i can't. Both my grandparent's are shamens, but i'm not sure if they can do anything, but my grandma's teacher probably can because i heard that he is a great one, but the thing is i  do not know him and i can't ask my grandparents either.

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