cream thidasavahn


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has anyone heard or seen her? she has a really nice voice and she's also pretty, she's releasing her new album in thailand and she's a laos superstar.. she was on the laigarn 'at ten' and she sounds like lydia when she sings her song.
i can't find her songs anywhere on youtube.
she speaks fluent laos.. no thai at all even when she says yes she says 'jow' so cool haha
next girl representing laos.


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I came across her on youtube by accident. I agree, she has a really nice voice.
No offense but I think she sounds better than Lydia. She doesn't do that weird trying-to-be-R&B thing with her voice.


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I like the rockish feel of her vocals and I like how she wasn't afraid of going all out by moving her body in ways that Alexandra Bounxuie wouldn't want to move, however.........

I don't really hear the authenticity of Lao in her songs. Yeah, I realized that she may try to keep up with today's demanding rock/pop culture, but I don't know how to explain it. For example, when I listen to the exile's old album from the early 90s, eventhough I knew nothing about them, I could tell right away that they are a Lao band, but with this girl.. I had to do a triple take and listen carefully. Was she singing Thai or Lao? I know very well that these two languages are very similiar, but we can tell the difference between Lao and Thai language by the different tones of the words we use. But honestly, even though this singer may be singing in Lao, she was no doubt singing a Thai tone.

There's nothing wrong with sounding Thai or Lao, but the point I'm trying to make is that, I look forward to seeing a Lao artist who would go outside the box and not be so mainstream when it comes to representing Laos.

But overall, she's very good.


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she's singing 100% lao. i asked my dad if some of those words that these pop group sing is Lao and he said yes and it is not Thai. It's formal Lao that they are singing. He said that if you go back in the days and listen to Lao people speaking formally, they talk like that and we are just not use to hearing it.


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is she the one who sings the theme song for tard rak torranong??? or is that a different cream??


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I like her songs because it doesn't make my eye twitch. I don't listen to Lao music because it sounds so strange to me.
With Cream, it sounds normal to me. The words she uses and the way she says it sounds more like something I'm familiar with.


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the next Alexandra Bounxouei, eh?

I hope not .. -_-

not that i hate her or anything like that. lol.


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She's not bad actually. To an untrain listener, they can easily mistake Lao pop for Thai. Missjoy is right, it is just formal lao.


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You're in luck!!
I have her cd...bought it at the boun wat.

I'll upload and put it on here as soon as i can. I do like her songs too. And you're right, she doesn't make weird sounds (not playing with her voice). I don't like how lydia (thai) sings her songs...she plays with it too much. Sounds awkward.


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Ok i had time so i uploaded it on "download link".

So check it out.


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yes i know...i accidentally deleted them from my computer! I'll get them up again as soon as i can.
I have to work at the hospital tomorrow and i'll be there late so it'll probably be friday or this weekend. Sorry! :p
You'll have to wait!