Chuen Cheewaa Navy (Quiz & Quest)


sarNie Hatchling
more fitting pics here >>

(about 101 pics in yard's site :lol: )


sarNie Coma
yay more of lakorn. im glad shes n'ek in here since she plays alot of supporting roles now. she look pretty but her hair color is too pitched black. doesnt suit her


sarNie Tombstone
Looks like she just put on a few pound. They aren't look bad, Tui and Yard actually look cute. Same me too don't like the black colour on her hair
the usual brown looks better. Tui has like 2 drama to be filmed.


sarNie Hatchling
Start filming today for this Lakorn :lol:

Yard start filming today.but Tui not yet (he will start next month)


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You know what this reminds me of this lakorn Sao Chai Hi-Tech because Jui has 3 friends that kind of just follow her around or people in her life around and secretly take photos of them and etc and spy on them lol. In this lakorn nang'ek also has three friends like that lol


sarNie Egg
Looks like Yard's hair is back to light brown again.
Either way, she looks great ^^

Here are some pics from the opening ceremony.
Credit to: &



sarNie Coma
looks like she might be wearing a wig? i could see the black color in the inside..but yea, she look pretty though