Cherrys recent pix


sarNie Egg
i like her better with long hair...she looks kinda older with this hair cut...but watever..she's still beautiful....although....hope she doesn't chop off her hair again....maybe it'd be better if it was shorter...wat do u guys think?....with a hair cut like lisa rinna...



sarNie Coma
hmm even though i perfer her with long hair but she actually looks stylish like that. I wonder if she'll look different in a lakorn.

i dont think she'll look right with lisa rinnas hairstyle

cherry actually had short hair before. It was simlar to Anns in "samee tee tra"



sarNie Egg
she looks better with that hair cut needs to be sticking out...not looks kinda old school....


sarNie Egg
she looks cute with that haircut! luv her both with long hair and short hair.


sarNie Adult
I cant see the pictures but i can actually picture her with short hair, in rai rissaya and the when they did the album she had short hair and i thought she looked awesome....