Cherry 's interview :


sarNie Egg
For cherry fans...whom non thai's speaker
here is the summary:

Time has changed Cherry from a 10 years old girl to be a beautiful lady.
"The difference between Cherry in the younger age and now is: I had a lot of fun and a lot of happiness because I have not lost my mom which is the biggest turning point in my life. I look at things differently.

When I was 10 years old. I was a happy kid, talkative and tomboy because I wanted to be like my brother. I was very short. Everyone called me "Shorty".

When I was in fifth grade I had a group of friends. They were 5 of us. We composed a song for our gang. Everyone had an animal nickname like dog, pig, bear, etc...and we used our nicknames to make a song. I was "MaaMoo". I don't know why. Maybe it just happened to be rhythm.

I remembered that I had to get up real early to go to school. I had to be at school by 5:30 or 6:00 am. Even though I lived close to school but dad dropped us off on his way to work and mom picked us up in the afternoon.

My mom liked me to do a lot of activities, Thai dance, ballet, piano, everything which I was not good at anything. I dreamt pf quitting everything when I grow up.
Everyday, when we got home from school, after shower, all three of us would line up and sit at the desk. If it was before the exam, we had to read about 15-30 minutes before school. Dad knew that we hid the comic book inside the study book but he didn't say anything because he wanted us to love reading.

When dad was not home, he forbade us to go outside the house. One time dad left for work. My sister rode a bike with me sat behide her to go get candy. While my sister was choosing candy I saw my dad's car coming back, he probably forgot something, I shouted to my sister "Dad is coming." My sister and I biked back home so fast. I was so afraid that my dad would spank us that I jumped from the bike and fell. My dad stopped his car and carried me into the house. I thought I would be dead for sure. But he fixed my wound and said worriedly that if it was someone else car run over me then what?

We each had our own bedroom but we three brother and sisters liked to sleep in front of our mom's bed. When I had to go study in Summer in England, I cried and didn't want to go. I prepared my mom's pajama to smell her scent. When I got to my host family's house. I told them I never slept alone. So they had their daughter to sleep with me. At the beginning I cried everyday. But 2 months past, I didn't want to come home. I had too much fun.

If I could go back to when I was 10 years old. I wanted to go "Samui" with my family. That trip was so much fun. There were 5 of us, dad's friends with their children. We had fun swimming, snorkeling for the first time, barbequing, It's very good time.