Chasing Haven


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Pancake Khemanit as Kerika Wongsawan (Kade)
After the death of her mother at the age of 15, Kade’s grandfather took her and her two younger sisters and moved away to start a new life. But tragic struck when her grandfather passed away years later and Kade was left with the responsibility to raise her two sisters on her own. With that much responsibility, Kade tends to keep her feelings and emotions to herself, wanting her sisters to see she is capable of being the adult in the house.. To her, her sisters’ happiness is all that matters even if it means jeopardizing her own romantic life. Remembering the history of her parents at a young age, Kade has trouble making a commitment which takes a toll in her relationships.

Mint Chalida as Wanida Wongsawan (Wan)
The middle child and considered the rebel one. Wan sees things in life as either black or white. No gray in between. Unlike her two sisters, Wan holds a resentment against their estrange father who left their mother and got remarried. With a dark past, Wan doesn't believe in true love and like Kade, she has trouble making a commitment in relationships as well causing a rift in her relationship with her on and off again boyfriend for 5 years.

Bow Maylada as Montana Wongsawan (Mon)

The carefree yet tough youngest sister of the Wongsawan girls. After witnessing failed relationships from her older sisters with boys, Mon swears not to get herself entangled with men and focus on school like any other 19 year old girls are supposed to do. Wanting to prove to her sister she is mature enough, she takes on a tutoring job on campus and ends up tutoring the dean's youngest son. The two didn't get along at first because all he cared about was flirting and she wasn't buying his sweet talks. But an incident at the library one night changed her perspective on him.


I didn't post the male leads yet since I'm still deciding who to choose for them. I was wondering if you guys can help me choose. For Kerika, I was thinking of Push or Tye Nattapol. For Wanida, I was thinking of Mario or Nadech. And for Montana, I was thinking Porshe or Michael. I won't continue my other story I posted earlier this year because I just lost motivation for that one.
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sarNie Granny
OHHHHh i read anything w/ BOW :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: . Why bother w/ male lead ? Give them cats .;) :risas3: Ok , ok ..any guys will do , i don't favorite any actor at the moment though ?


sarNie Granny
I was sick in bed for a week:eek:. What if I never recover? I would probably haunt u for this fiction :rolleyes: