[Ch7] Ruk Roy Laan (?)


sarNie Immature
This lakorn is currently on air. I just saw the MV, and I was surprise. Golf is the pra ek!!! I've waited him to be a pra ek for so long. I didn't do so much research, but I believe this lakorn is an evening lakorn?
The song is a female version, a remake from a Proong Nee Gor Rak Ter's OST (I don't exactly remember the title though).
And, I have no idea which company produces this lakorn. :p
This person upload the lakorn on YT.


sarNie Adult
i've been watching this. 
i thought there was already a thread for this, but then i couldn't find it.
sammie and golf are super super cute together. 
the story line of the lakorn is something we would have seen in prime time all the time. 
the worst thing about this lakorn is all the nang rai's.
but sammie and golf's cuteness constitutes for that...eheheheh


sarNie Adult
Golf is cute ! ^^First time I have ever seen him. And sammie have lost "a-lot" of weight ( must be pressure ). But damn.. She tall. So jealous. :(


sarNie Adult
THAT WAS SAMMIE???? Wow. I didn't recognize her. Golf is actually pretty good looking. Erm... Is it just me or does he somehow remind me of Great Warintong?


sarNie Adult
OMG.. Here i thought i was watching Kong Sorawit and Sammie.. I thought he was the doctor guy in the 4 story with nam, fai, lom and din... The one who the brothers thought was gay..LOL... I didn't know it's a whole different person.  That's why i kept thinking how he got so cute..lol.. Dang..i don't mind seeing more of him.  Gosh, i knew something was off, but i thought it was Kong all this time...LOL...