[CH7] Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter: Weir Sukollawat / Stephanie Auernig

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by Yaam, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Juvenile

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bfr1hXHHCRJ/

    I think they're having a lakorn together! They looked good together in their recent mv together, can't believe they're pairing up now in a lakorn! ❤ Hopefully it's a great storyline! Miss Stephanie so much on screen, finally there's news about a project for her! Still want a new lakorn for her and Mik though!
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  2. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    If this is true, I'm excited! I miss Steph on screen and visually speaking I think she and Weir will look good together. @Yaam do you have a link the MV?
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  3. PrincessKarina

    PrincessKarina sarNie Adult

    I’m neutral with these two! Hope it’s a decent storyline! Any idea anyone? :p
  4. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh really?? Glad Stephanie is having another lakorn. I was hoping Weir would get pair up with Sammie first though.
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  5. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai ♫ ♪Dj Kisses [Spicy sarNie] ☻♥ Staff Member

    The name of the lakorn is Poo Bao Indy it's Romcom
  6. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Yay! I love to see two beautiful people onscreen. I love them both, hopefully this is good. Weir gets such hit and miss lakorns over the years.
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  7. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Do you have any idea what it's about?
  8. phatman

    phatman ABSOLUT~PAT

    Hmm. I'm mostly neutral with Stephanie. I don't like her lazy eyes, but I like her voice. Haha. I know. Odd
  9. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai ♫ ♪Dj Kisses [Spicy sarNie] ☻♥ Staff Member

    Nope, all I know is that it is set in the country lol
  10. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Finally they get to be in a lakorn together!!! May all our dream pairs happen while they still can.
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  11. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Juvenile

    The title is so odd. Lol. The Indy Man! I just hope this will have a good amount of romance in it!
  12. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

  13. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    According to ch7, the full title is Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter
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  14. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Juvenile

    Seems like Steph will be a hi-so in this lakorn right? while Weir is the indy man.

    I love all of Steph roles so far, they've all been quite versatile.
  15. phatman

    phatman ABSOLUT~PAT

    Oo. I wanna see country boy Weir. I wanna see that rugged look again!
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  16. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Juvenile

    Can't wait for this to start filming!
  17. phatman

    phatman ABSOLUT~PAT

    So country as in ban nok right? Not like actually dressing up as cowboys. Haha
  18. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    I'm so excited about it. Hope in the near future to see him pair up w/ Sammy or Now Tisanart (love Now's role in LaOung Dao).
  19. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Hatchling

    Does anyone know when Weir and Chat's lakorn will finally air? I feel like it's been years lol in the mood for bossy bad Weir again

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