[Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]


Credit all Pics is from Jakjaanclub.com
Jakjaan and Cee, they look really sweet^___^
This is the first shooting day.



sarNie Elites
The wardrobe is hideous, what are they wearing? Are the clothes provided or did they bring their own, it looks so sloppy. No wonder CH 7 lakons look so cheap.


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CEE IS THE SEXIEST MAN EVER!!! and tle is lookin so fine 2. and jakjaan is cute 2. CANT WAIT!


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Cee wardrobe is nice usually its the company wardrobe but like purse and jewlery most of them its their own stuff. Yea Jakjaan outfit isn't that nice or match looks funky and weird.

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sarNie Coma
Jakjann's outfits are too hippyish and strange, she looks like those strange artists that lock themselves in their room and paint all day.


sarNie Adult
I agreed Jakjan looks older than Cee. I'm pretty sure in age wise Cee probably older than her but she looks like his older sister more than lover.


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Credit to Cee's Twitter, CA Twitter, and CFC FB

Lilly See Kularb In Hong Kong :wub:

WOW :coverlaf:

Cute :wub:

I can't wait to see this :yahoo:


regardless of how old people think she looks, both Cee and Jaka makes a cute pair! i can't wait till this lakorn too :) soo many lakorns to watchhh


sarNie Adult
OMG... AMY is one lucky girl that's all i can say.. CEE is hot... i didn't notice him back then when he first came out... remember the 5 couples and they play music with woot as a teacher.. then my sister falls in love with cee while i still love au... Now i hear things about au, i guess he cheated on prae his girlfriend.. but i hear they are back together.. because on jun pun dao with por and kob.. por was saying something to him in one of the show... so i really don't like au anymore.. and also he's not as popular as back then... Cee on the other hand, my sister picked him out of the 5 guys and fall in love with him...LOL now i see what my sister saw in him back then.. he's cute,and he's gotten better on screen.. I just finish the one he did with min... he was cute.. i haven't seen the one with him and cheer... i might just go back and watch it for them...

i know that guys aren't perfect.. i know that amy and cee have their problems.. but at least they are still together....very cute... NOW jakjaan is one lucker girl.. did you see that kiss. smoking hot... is all i can say because i'm drooling at the moment...LOL... wow..can't wait.. looks like a good lakorn..hope it comes out soon...


sarNie Adult
Nah Au and Prae broked up. I think Au cheated on her twice?
When they were on JPD was old.

This should air toward the end of December. I hope ^_^