[CH7] Dok Kaew (Compordee)


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I like the leads in this lakorn but I never finished the old version because the story and the characters irked me so much. Not sure I can bring myself to watch this remake either. Kob is my number one favorite and Dok Keaw was the first lakorn of hers that I did not watch entirely.


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OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm so freaking slow...I knew that the title to this lakorn seems familiar!!! It's the remake of Kob's lakorn.

Anyways, Win & Mai looks so CUTE together!!! :spin:


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Ch7 makes the same mistakes over and over no matter how many times they remake a lakon. For instance the characters are one dimensional, they're either too good, too nice, too devoted, too evil or too stupid. Characters are always portrayed to the extreme of the personality spectrum which makes them appear non human and the result is a very lame adaption of story.


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wow never saw the old version of this lakorn...might check it out, but i never really like ch7 drama that much because it talks a lot of nonsense.... i like more pranang on screen... anyways...mai reminds me of Yaya in those pix....she's really pretty. lol

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Good thing they took out the slap before the willing. This willing was weak but more believable than the older version. Real kisses too, it would have been more believable if Win took off his shirt but he never does in any of his lakorns.


sarNie Oldmaid
Win & Mai might have another lakorn together soon but I don't think its going to be truth since Win going to leave to study oversea soon after he finish with this lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
I hope it's not like the old version cuz they freaken wasted time and then rush with the ending. Has this lakorn ended yet?


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I'm glad that Mai and Cha Mai Pon didn't die in the end in this version. Lol Kratip and Sun were way tooooo cute to die. I love their pairing ^.^ LOL


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aw i dont knoe if i should watch this!! any suggestion?? i wanna watch it because of win...but then im scared wat if my opinion change...i really adore kwan and win together!!! :wub:


sarNie Egg
Win and Mai D look cute together but I'm still love Win with Kwan better. Don't gave me wrong I like Mai too hahaha..

i totally agree i mean that kwan is my idol so i prefer her wit win b/c from other dramas!!! cant wait to see them again together!!!! :spin: