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  1. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    It's ending this week already? But Thi's family have not redeemed themselves yet. And he and Bua are only staying to grow closer after all the trouble his family caused.
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    That's exactly what I was thinking; however, on one of the IG photos posted by ActArt, I translated it and it basically says the end is Thursday. So I guess its wrapping up on eleven episodes even though I don't feel as complete.
  3. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Yes, it almost feels rushed that there are only two episodes left, but what I do love about this lakorn is the pacing. They didn't drag out any aspect of the storyline whether it be Thi falling for Bua, the events that lead to their marriage, the in-laws tormenting Bua or Thi/Bua's big fight. But now that Bua and Thi are completely happy, I'm just greedy and want more sweet husband/wife scenes.

    Anyways, besides looking forward to more Thi/Bua intimate scenes, I'll be looking forward to the scenes of when Thi's family realizes what scum Ying Jan's family is and how wrong they are about Bua. I think one reason I'm not into the Gerng and Nopp sweet scenes is the fact that she was so mean to both Bua and her brother. She says she loves her brother, but she never once tried to understand or give Bua a chance for her brother's sake. Gerng is too good for her.

    credit: actart_gen @IG
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  4. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    New ♡♡♡ watching his clips ....

    He's funny in his insult to the girl......dead..
  5. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    Gerng has a sort of unrefined cuteness to him. And he's a very good person lol

    Oh dang, Thi's mom is going to take it too far. It looks like she's going to sell Bua and drug her own son. How do you forgive your mom for that? Straight up evil and so disappointing. Don't even mention boon koon for your parents at this point, she doesn't deserve it.
  6. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I like how she looks at him in awe... he hits her w/ the pillow and say he'll never fall for her...

    The delivery is lol
  7. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    I skipped most of the bullying, but I still am not satisfied with the quick redemption of his family. If I was Bua, I could forgive but no way am I going to forget everything and live with those in-laws. Thi barely had to do anything, his feelings were hurt a bit and that was it, but Bua tolerated so much nonsense and was bullied so much. There isnt often true justice in lakorn I guess.
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  8. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    I agree Jjinxx, there often isn't much justice in lakorns. Definitely, Thi's family got off easily. So often lakorns tend to be so focused on teaching people to forgive and let go, which is all good, but they forget another equally important life lesson of that there are consequences for your actions. They were just too mean to her and she never once gave them any real tangible reason to hate her as much as they did. And that scene with Nopp's apology to Bua, I wanted more tears from her, more soul searching, and more reflection on her past mistakes. But I guess it's not in her character and it makes me think if Nopp would have changed if she hadn't fallen in love with and got tamed by Gerng.

    But despite the quick redemption of the family, I did enjoy the last two episodes immensely. I got what I wanted, some real satisfying Bua and Thi scenes. I absolutely love that bedroom scene of Bua and Thi from episode 10. I practically squealed throughout the whole scene! Bua was so shy and so cute in Thi's embrace. Love how Thi kept on playing with her hair, caressing her cheek, he just couldn't keep his hands to himself! Of course my love for these two characters would not be complete without the kiss scene in episode 11. As much as I loved their dreamy first kiss under the moon, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed that it was an angle kiss. So imagine my surprise when we get a real kiss in the final episode. So thank you Mr Director, screen writer, or the lakorn gods in general!! Definitely, the director and screenwriter were teasing us all this time with those "almost kiss" scenes only to reward us at then end. I did enjoy their conversation before the kiss because it showed how cute and playful they are together. I love how natural that scene was of them running around their bedroom like kids. She was like a slippery eel he couldn't hold onto. Oh, It's foreplay at it's best and both Alek and Nychaa exude so much chemistry together. They are so convincing as a newly married couple and what I loved most about their intimate scenes is that it showed how sweet, gentle and patient their love is.

    Also, I love the scene of Thi and Gerng playfully fighting over who gets to be called older brother. Both Thi and Gerng are equally good men, just in different packaging. And of course I can't not talk about the scene of the mom's apology. Whether we are happy or not with how easily the mom got off, we can't help but be utterly happy for Bua, and for Thi. That scene was so powerful and Nychaa, Alek, and the actress that played the mom executed that scene beautifully. At first, both Bua and Thi seemed a little confused with what they were hearing. Then both were shocked in amazement as Thi broke down upon hearing the words, "please forgive me" come out of his mother's mouth and Bua became overwhelmed with tears of joy. I loved how after accepting the mom's apology, Bua turned to Thi to share in her happiness with a most heartwarming hug. Their love had weathered a storm. Finally, they now have the acceptance and blessings that had been eluding them.

    Awe, I'm so sad this drama has ended. I definitely miss Bua and Thi and their love story now holds a special place in my heart. Love both Alek and Nychaa so much in these roles and I hope both actors will get challenging roles like these to continue to build on their acting. I'm so proud of Nychaa. I've been a fan of hers since falling in love with her as Nang in "Nang Eye" and now she's captivated me most as Bua. I do hope Nychaa and Alek will get to work together again. Hopefully, in a modern drama since both of their collaborations have been period dramas.
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  9. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    This lakorn was so enjoyable!!! Au is a decent director, he definitely has a talent for it. The editing is a bit choppy and there were visible shadows in the background but nonetheless a decent debut. Definitely has more chops than Tua Saranyu who gets pretty pretentious with his directing at times.

    I enjoyed Alek and Nychaa in Sapai Jao and while they have chemistry here, they definitely had more in Sapai Jao and their pairing was kind of bland here compared to the push and pull tension from Sapai Jao. Tee needed to stand up for Bua more though, I felt like he needed to do more. I do feel for Bua's character, she's weak but you understand where she's coming from and she's behaving as the standard Chinese daughter in-law from that time period. She's raised that way and she's her father's daughter, therefore you see the easy forgiveness and the pull to always give in, I can't bring myself to blame her for her actions.

    The real star of this show is New Chaiyapol. He steals every single scene he's in and he even outshines Alek. I love me some brooding, grumpy men and New played Gerng to perfection. No matter what he does, he's loveable in every scene. No one could have played Gerng better than him and I'm glad Au handpicked New. His pairing with Nok is hilarious and their scenes in the shack are fantastic. My parents probably think I'm nuts because I'm rewatching their scenes so much LOL. Sweet Gerng is the best; love his scene wiping her sweat with his shirt and when he rubs noses with Nok. New needs more p'ek roles, he's a real gem; he's charming, sexy, great actor and when he smiles you DIE haha.

    This is a nice short lakorn, if it was normal length it probably would have dragged with the mom tormenting Bua but this lakorn had a good balance of the chinese theatre life, married life, torment and enough entertaining scenes with the supporting cast (Maifah and the Sia scenes were also hilarious). The ending could have been better and less choppy but I look forward to seeing what Au directs next. It's disheartening how low the ratings for this lakorn was.
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    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Yeah i completely skipped nycha and aleks part unfortunately lol i only continued watching for new and prima. Their storyline was way mkre interesting than the main couples and they had better chemistry in my opinion. New needs to be upgraded to p'ek soon. He did great in here.

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