[Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)


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Mew Is So Cute
She Looks Like A Mix Of Vill And Pancake
An Angel In My Heart


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on never mind about my question earlier. i figure it out after i saw the picture. it krit and por. damn chompoo hella sexy in the picture. she smokin hot. i believe in chompoo she can do this role very well. new pair for chompoo, im excited lol


Eeeks. Looks like Mew is also fighting for Chakrit in here. I've never seen her act before, it'll be interesting how she delivers herself in here.  Hopefully not the annoying stingy younger sister who tries to steal her sister's BF. lol But she is so pretty. So darn cute! *screams** lol
"ฟิตติ้ง "ทรายสีเพลิง" คู่ของ ชาร์ลส์ กับ ลูกศร"
"Charles" and "Lukson". 


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dertaajaf said:
who does chom end up with then? and pa jaew will be the director? this lakorn ought to be impressive
more to add :

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from the older version Chompoo character won't end up with anyone but the novel said Sai will end with Charles its the p'ek that Chakrit is playing and they have a daughter


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Chompoo is Hot! Hot! HOt!
loving the dress and the colour of it to. 
i think mew's looks suite the role, from what i've heard of the role. 
thanks so much for sharing. =)


Mew Nitta looks so simple to me in SJ series but seeing her in the fitting pics yesterday showed me a different look to her. She looks prettier in modern day clothing I shall say. I'm loving the cast. Chakrit looks good !!!!!! He looks like he's lost a little weight from Margie's lakorn fitting pics. Looking forward to this dramatic lakorn


Cupid Candy said:
Uh no, Sai did not kill Looksorn, Looksorn got her butt into the boat and crashed herself. All Sai did was yell at her.
Omg. looks like this is going to be a super sad ending for Looksorn. 
Damn, just when I thought she was so cute and innocent looking, they're turning her into a nang'rai in here eh? lol
That's okay, I like certain nang'rai more. hehe  :p
This is just my thought base on their looks and dressings.  Chomp is going to be the "new" aggressive Sai.  She looks rather mean and uneasy.  Looksorn might be "nang'rai" but honestly she has such an innocent look and feel to her. lol I hope she can pull off the nang'rai image.  She's going to be one interesting character and actress to watch this year!


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Chompoo look gorgeous in the fitting and da new girl Mew look good as well but Chompoo looked da best!!! She is such a gorgeous girl!


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
I never seen da old version but heard a lot about da ending...which it those Lakorn tat I refuse to watch aha! But since Chompoo in here and she absolute stunning in here ??? I'll have to give it a try hehehe