[CH3] Ruk Lamoon Loon Lamai


sarNie Hatchling
does anyone know the girl singer who sang one of the soundtrack? the songs are all good.

did u guys see the scene in the preview or ending credit where mussy saw kong and ann hug? I'm wondering why I didn't get to see that part. what epi was it in?


sarNie Hatchling
i watched the ending already very very sweat ending, kissing part with p'ann and p'kong hehe...

Yeah in the first place, i don't really like p'kong but after watching this lakorn i don't think that he's too old beside ann right...

We have so many other mal actor who looks old than him like sam youranan or ect... But i like sam too very great as Cavit Worawat...


sarNie Coma
omg..i dont want this lakorn to end..i just watched tape 8 yesturday..the next tape probaly gonna end..ann and kong is soo cute together..they have alot of chemistry and both sweet to eachother..it was so cute when kong propose to ann..but then the next day she found out sai lom was the same person as Win..but yeh..i like how ann and kong doesnt play hard to get..they show their feelings to eachother..not like other lakorn where it takes so long for praek and nang ek to get along ..it takes til the ending..im gonna miss this


sarNie Adult
wow...i jus started watchin this lakorn..and i love it!ahah its sooo funni and cute i love ann in this lakorn...im not a fan of kong but he did a good job!...its so funni da way ann is so clumsy like wen she tripped over the carpet haha...banged her haed against think a chandalier haha and how she turned around and bumped into a tree haha..i will miss this lakorn haha i think i will rewatch it again later ahha...


sarNie Hatchling
Man I didn't get a chance to see this lakorn :loool:

Does anyone have it that they can upload it please please........... :(