[Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)


sarNie Hatchling
That's just Ateam they act like they're a couple sometimes but in the end they always go back home to see their other half. There are so many memorable moments of Ateam. When Aum was presenting his new show, Aff gave him flowers and instead of just taking the flowers, he held her hand. During last years shoot for the calender's cover, Aum pinched her nose.
really ? i don't know this, you have clip ?

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Here is him holding her hand along with the bouquet @ 0:32

Here is him pinching her nose

I certainly love Ateam too much, i made a youtube playlist for all their cute moments.


sarNie Immature
I was so sad yesterday because of what my friend(s) did to me. Since I'm not the one would cry, but I really wanted to cry, so I decided to watch the last two episodes. Haa I found the second round watching the death scene was even more sad lmao. Maybe because this is probably their last lakorn together. I really miss my ATEAM. :'( I miss them even more than anything. Alright, that's lame.


sarNie Immature
I MISS JAO NOI AND JAO NANG NOI so much. :no: :cry: :sick: :cry1:


sarNie Hatchling
I just finished the lakorn and i just love it, i think it's one of my favorite even if some part of the past was quite weird but the relationship between Prince Siriwong/Suriyawong & Princess Maneerin /Rerin was really interesting.
The fact taht Suriywong was protectiveof Rerin was so cute.

And i just can't believe that Aum is singing in this lakorn. This is just so perfect.