[CH3] Prom Likit (Broadcast Thai) : Bpoop Phaeh Sanniwas Cast?

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    I thought you said no more lakorns! What's your IG handle lol

    I'll be back to spazz full on when this finishes production. So see you all in 2 years?? lol
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    By that time you'll forget. Hahahaha.
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    Oh lol @phatman. Ahaha..
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    Hi. I'm not here. Just wandering.
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  5. pangiaxiong

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    Btw someone wrote this on YT and not sure if its 100 percent corret.

    To answer your question, I read the news that in the next season one of the twins will be the main character, probably it will be related with the diplomatic mission to China (according to historical events). The new person from the modern era will come to the past again (it may be related to the moon mantra). The story will be in King Thai Sa reign (1709-1733). Pope and Bella will be the main couple. That what I learn from the author's interview https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_monarchs_of_Thailand
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  6. chievi4tennis

    chievi4tennis pope and Bella are cool

    I clicked the link and it show a list of Monarchy. Where's the interview?
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  7. neenavaj

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    Hmm...I hope the novelist isn’t pressured. I hope she comes up with something super awesome! Be the next JK Rowling of Thailand! I give her and P’Mai all my well wishes and support to make this as epic as BPS!!
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  8. pangiaxiong

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    I'm not sure which interview because I got this off the comment section on a yt review vid only, sorry.

    Yes she shoukd take her time but I'll put my faith in her and P'Mai because so far they've been really smart about BPS.
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    There is a thread for this :aaaaa:
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  10. phatman

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    Sooooo.....it's related to Kadate because it's their son. But Kadate won't be reclaiming their roles instead be playing those characters. . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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  11. CPY

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    Wohooo...finally I am here. Pray hard for them.
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  12. neenavaj

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    If you watch the transition from BPS to Prom Likit, Rit grows up when he takes the box from his father Por Date..the actor playing older Rit looks like Pope...I have a feeling Pope will also be playing Rit if it’s true that PLK will be about their son...hmm...Idk if I like the idea of another girl from the future coming back to the past again because Kade is already from the future...maybe they should travel even further back in time to the beginnings of Ayutthaya. Lol Rit can travel back??
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  13. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Hope it isn't another girl from the future, it'll be similar to Goong/Palace with Feng Shao Feng and Yang Mi, pra'eks mom was from the future lol and then nang'ek was to. It'll be interesting to see someone that is already in the past traveling to the further past though. The only thing is it will leave Kade and Date heartbroken because they may potentially loose their child. Another, it'll be interesting if he travels to Kadesurang's time somewhat and go seek out her mother and grandma and sort of be her replacement in their lives (although probably not as this is supposed to be more historical)
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  14. varda

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    whoaaa... just found out this thread.

    Hope it won’t be too long, coz BPS fever is still so strong for me. But I don’t mind waiting so that the writer can develop a great storyline. When I first saw the teaser, I thought Por Rit will be the one who goes to the future, because if they go again to th past, where will they end up? In Cleopatra era? *ooops j/k hehehe

    Can’t wait for any updates. :D
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  15. dancy

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    I post this in BPS thread but in cast for some of ya haven't see the news I post it in this thread since its about BPS too.

    There going to be a movie version of this lakorn with the same cast and director.

    Cr to: thaiupdate facebook

    According to the source, Broadcast Thai TV
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  16. Yuuuhuuuu can't wait for Part 2 !

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  17. phatman

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    Hahahaha. Great gif! Can't wait to finish Sapai Jao.
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  18. CPY

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    Reung and Rit. If the p'ek is Rit, what will happen to Reung? Hmmm
  19. KitKat516

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    Maybe away on diplomatic duties to avoid giving Pope 2 nangeks?
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  20. CPY

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    Perhaps, or gone to the future.
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