[CH3] Plerng Naree (Guts Entertainment) : Mai Davika / Tik Jesadaporn


sarNie OldFart
I've never seen Mai dressed so ordinarily. The fitting wardrobe could've been better like the one with the crown. It looks like they took a bedsheet and wrapped it around her. Sometimes I feel like Mai is posing alone. She has her model face on.


sarNie Hatchling
Maybe it was just me because it seems like Mai eyelid kinda heavy... The way her eyes open are just like sleepy eyes... I notice this since last year....


sarNie OldFart
She looked the same in True's opening with Tik too. If you've seen her past fitting photos, she sparks fire with her costars. I don't feel any here. Just cold model poses.


sarNie Adult
Me too, her model face and posture especially that one where she's hanging on to Tiks arms. I see no chemistry, in the news conference where they were speaking, both looked good together. Is Guts Entertainment any good?


Keep On Smiling
Both Tik and Mai are eye candy, so hopefully they have good chemistry on screen. 
Wish Tik is taller though lol....
Tik-Mai Fitting
Some more cute pictures....

Ah.....Tik makes a handsome police officer.....

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sarNie Egg
Seems like Tik and Mai is really liking to work together,,they took 2 project in the same time,and the same costar


sarNie Rebel
Kind of reminds me of Bomb and Ice being paired up for two lakorns even though their first one hasn't aired yet. Interesting, I'm not quite sure if I feel any chemistry here. To me, Mai suits CH7 more than CH3.


sarNie Hatchling
Mai is just simply beautiful no matter what she wears, so does Tik. Really interesting pair, i will watch for both Tik ana Mai.


Cupid Candy said:
Eh, not feeling this couple. 
Same here. I never really liked Tik. I'm a fan of Mai though. I'm glad she's getting to work with Ch 3 too so I'll just give this a chance.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
How exciting! I saw the photos and thought they were for a movie before I remembered Mai is a free agent now. Hoping this opens up more opportunities for her with other ch 3 actors!


sarNie Adult
Mai is totally taller than Tik. She's in flats and slouching and he's in heels to make them look the same height.


Keep On Smiling
I think Tik and Mai are the same height but it would look nicer if  pra'ek is taller than nang'ek lol.
Opening Ceremony.....


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The opening ceremony clip.....
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sarNie Oldmaid
Is Wan playing the crown prince and SaiMai playing her friend? eek Will the crown prince and her feisty friend get together in this version?!


sarNie Hatchling
Mai Davika is tall when standing next to Tik Jessadaporn.... I'm looking forward for this lakorn... Btw Mai is gorgeous in this pic but her eye bothers me alot....